Test picture

Well shoot! Didn’t work.

Finally! Sorry guys

Sitting on the porch, eating dinner last night. The sky was beautiful, but by the time I took a picture it had changed.

Beautiful pic.


Ha, yeah, it was your pic and not @kayaker’s I was complimenting. His pic was very cool as well.

Great–how does it work?

If you’re using imgur.com to host your photos, right click the picture (long-press on touchscreen device), then copy the image link. It should start with https://i.imgur.com/.

Paste that here on its own line with no other text and the forum software will show your picture.

Also, my favorite episode that I’ve seen as of yet.


So the only way to post an image and have it displayed without clicking a link is to use Imgur?

LOL, no. :smiley:

You just need the path to a real photo, not the web page the photo is on.

I’ve been trying to paste one from my phone.

I’ll give you an example. Here is a web page with a picture of Albert Einstein.

The link is this:


Now, I post this if I want to have the actual photo imbedded in this post:

That link looks like this:


I got that second link on my phone (iPhone using Safari) by doing a tap and hold on the picture on the web page, and then picking “copy”. Now, this copies the image, not the link, and if you were to try to paste that into a post it would attempt to upload a copy of that photo onto the board. This board doesn’t allow that, so instead I opened a new tab in my browser and pasted into the address bar. That gives me the link with a jpg extension which this board will recognize as a photo and render properly.

Ok. Thanks. I was just hoping for a way to embed cat pictures in my post without having to have them hosted by someone else.

The SDMB is not an image hosting site. You have to host the image somewhere else.

I usually copy my pictures from Facebook.

Test Picture