Posting a Picture

I still don’t know how to post a picture on here! Help, please.


You need to host the picture elsewhere online. Then put the URL on its own line and the board software will take care of the rest.

I give up - cannot post pictures.

You need to post it to a site that works here, like imgur.

So I can’t just take it from my pictures file on my computer?

No, SDMB doesn’t host pictures (except for avatars). You’ll need to host it online somewhere else.

Here’s my desktop wallpaper:

It is a painting by Ivan Aivazovsky. I managed to post it here by looking it up on the internet, opening the image in a new tab, and coping/pasting its address in the body of my post.

A selfie I took this morning.

Before or after shaving? :grin:

Yay! Facebook images seem to work but not google sites.

If I click on that I get ‘Forbidden’.

It looks like you haven’t shared the picture. Check the sharing settings.

My baby!

Google Photos