How to figure out what sized furniture will fit into apartment?

I live in a second floor apartment and to my consternation, while I got my loveseat to fit in, the sofa did not, due to the narrow egress.

How can I figure out whether furniture will fit? I can measure the door frame itself but that is not enough, furniture must be carted up a straight flight of stairs, then turn through the front door area, then again into the living room. Is there some mathematical formula for this?

Measure your smallest opening. Usually a door, but may be a tricky turn around a staircase.

That’s your maximum height and width.

When choosing furniture - measure it also. Get creative, because remember if you stand a couch up on it’s end, the height and width change. Also, you can “rotate” a couch to get it into a door sometimes, depending on the couch. Or, if you held it at a 45 degree angle instead of normal up and down, or if you used the force to levitate it, so on and so forth.

The truck is to understand how to use a measuring tape. And good spatial vision.

A folding rule is great for this, by the way. Much better than a tape measure.

There are sites on the net that allow you to put your furniture descriptions in and the room size. You can then move objects about to see how it seems to work.

Apartment guide sites often have the script for this feature, but I suggest searching for a site not affiliated with apartments as you want to custom size the rooms.

Do you have a large window and an unbreakable diamond tether? You might be able to fit more than you think. Just not the conventional way.