How to Filter Gold Diggers

I have one word: Nice :smiley:

EDIT: Obligatory don’t try this at home message.

MOD EDIT: This was reported for “short on content except for a link” reasons – something frowned upon here. Rather than lock this down, however, let me instead sum it up – the link is to a short YouTube video of a woman rejecting a stranger’s advances until she sees him getting into a Lamborghini. Discuss.

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This a big problem in your life, AU?

Well, look at his initials!

So is that considered a legitimate way to meet girls, by telling a girl he has never met that she is pretty and would she go out to dinner with him, and then pressing her when she says no?

How is that different from being a gold digger?

“Hi, I don’t know anything about you except that you’re pretty and I’d like to spend time with you.”

“Hi, I don’t know anything about you except that you have a fancy car and therefore probably have money, and I’d like to spend time with you.”

One of these is supposed to be better than the other?

Hookups are fine in their place, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks he is any better than she is.

p.s. I suppose there is a subset of straight men to whom I might as well be speaking in Urdu-accented Swahili.

:smiley: I didnt notice that. Nice observation!

Yes, but evidently you’re the man with the Midas touch… :cool:

Yeah, but isn’t the point of the whole thing to show that the girl responded to a really bad pickup line when she thinks the guy might be rich? It doesn’t seem to me that the guy was actually trying to pick her up; he was trying to illustrate the point that some girls can be really shallow.

People? Shallow? :dubious:

Yeah, that was pure comic gold.

Well, one is “I don’t know anything about you as a person, but I find you attractive on first impression” and the other is “I don’t know anything about you as a person, and I find you unattractive on first impression, but you have some good stuff and I figure if I’m nice to you some of it might come my way”. But go ahead and flagellate yourself for the sins of the entire male sex if it makes you feel any better.

I remember hearing about a place where you can order fake ATM receipts that show a ridiculously large balance in your account so that when you give a girl your number, you can pull out this “random slip of scrap paper I just happen to have in my pocket” to write it down on.

…to coin a phrase. :slight_smile:

Actually there’s a pretty good chance that the video was staged and she was in on it.

Dammit! I wish I’d thought of that. I guess my mind isn’t devious/squirrely enough.

And how, according to you, are sexual relationships (straight or gay) supposed to get started?

Hi, I don’t know anything about you except that you have really good taste in cars, so I’d like to spend more time with you…

Hi, I love Lamborghinis and wish death on all Ferrari drivers, so on that basis alone I’d love to have dinner with you

No bullion…?

Who writes phone numbers down anymore? Don’t most people just put the number directly in their phone?
Anyway, that would have work well in the 90’s.

Hell, y’all should try putting ‘stockbroker’ on your online dating profile. Suddenly I started getting messages from girls 20 years younger than I am. It was creepy.

And, no, I didn’t take any of them up on anything.

I wouldn’t want to date anyone stupid enough to be impressed by my claiming to be a stockbroker. It’s possible that if I actually were one that wouldn’t bother me.