How to find a Fitbit?

So I took the bloody thing off before my shower on Sunday and I still can’t find it. It has to be in the house-I don’t take it off at work. Suggestions on an app or something? I have one that gives “hotter-cooler” indications when I’m apparently near it but I’ve also turned the room upside down with no luck.

If it still synchs with your phone, you should be within forty or so feet of it. Try setting the alarm on it, and then listening for the buzzing.

Sorry, I’m not quite understanding. Set which alarm? I’m using an iPhone if that helps.

Dawn breaks over Marblehead: I get it! I will give that a try.


No luck yet. :persevere:

You are a genius and a scholar! It worked! It somehow got INSIDE of a sock! I doff my cap! :star_struck:

That was my go-to method of finding my old Fitbit One. It’s a version of calling your phone to find your phone.

It’s either on or in the fridge.