How to find a particular Doper?

This is completely hypothetical of course :wink:

Say an acquaintance of mine had mentioned they frequented the Dope, but didn’t disclose a username.

Armed only with the basics (what she likes in terms of music/books/politics, where she lives, what age, rough family details), how best would I stalk, errr, I mean locate her and her posts?

I think as a guest, rather than a member, I have less access to the userinfo (e.g. location) that each poster uses, although of course there’s nothing to say that this information has been included, or filled out accurately.

And no, I don’t need answer fast!

Even in jest your request seems kind of … well… vaguely threatening.

It’s important to a lot of users to at least have casual anonymity, why in the world is it so important to you to out them?

You should be subtle about it. Why not ask the user name?

Being serious though, you do become familiar with styles. Date stamps and time of posting can be a guide to location.

Because I’m bored and want a challenge. Just asking them would be far too easy and no fun :wink:


Or I could be sneaky and start a thread in Cafe Society on their favourite book and check out who replies…

Just say the book is rubbish and they’ll respond. Unless they read this thread of course :slight_smile:

Ask her. If she tells you her user name, voila! If she doesn’t, she doesn’t want you to know it, and you drop it.

I think this is the only reasonable response. I’m going to close this.

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