How to fix a broke sun visor

I put this here because I’m looking for opinions.

I have a Subaru Impreza and the driver side sun visor is broken: the pivot broke so it will only stay straight down, obstructing too much of my view. Here’s a picture.

As you can see, a metal rod fits into a plastic sleeve that creates tension to keep the visor from rotating freely. The metal rod and plastic sleeve have separated. I’m trying to think of a way to fix it until I can get my hands on a replacement. Usually it wouldn’t be a big deal, but I no longer have prescription sunglasses, so the visor is very much needed, especially this time of year when the sun sets right at my commute. Also, I’m looking at a few days until a replacement can arrive (probably via clipper ship from Japan).

One idea is to wrap the rod in electrical tape and mash it back in the hole. Hopefully enough pressure will exist to keep the visor up against the windshield, vs pointing straight down and obstructing too much of my view.

Another thought is to put it together at the right rotation and spray expanding foam into the hole. If I get the rod clean enough, it may hold for a bit, but I have my doubts.

I thought of attaching string to the far end of the visor and tying off the other end at the plastic piece that works as the pivot, but I don’t think there is enough length from the pivot axis to create a support.

Any ideas? Maybe a thick putty? Maybe JB Weld (would that even work with all the grease in the hole)? Or do I just go to LensCrafters and get a new set of prescription sunglasses?

Have you considered replacing it? The visor for my Honda Civic was about $50, I’d rather pay $50 then have to worry about it falling at an inopportune time.

Yep. See OP.

The problem is waiting for the replacement.

How about making a “criss-crossy thingie” out of electrical tape? Taping part to the post and part to the visor until it’s in the right position? It might even have a bit of play to it, at least for a few days until your replacement gets there.

And Duct Tape!

I just realized I missed the ‘n’ in broken with my title. I really never wanted to be a redneck. Really.

Or, perhaps your sun visor is a bit low on cash?:smiley:

Do you have any used auto salvage places in your area? (“U Pull, U Save”, “Pick 'N Pull”) Some of the ones listed in the Dallas Yellow pages specialize in foreign cars. Take your broken visor with you and find one like it.

If you can get the pieces to line up so that they fit together properly, I would go with super glue. If you get the gel variant, enough will stay on the edges of the external piece so that when you fit them together and clamp them, it should hold once it’s cured. The surface looks nice and rough so you should be able to slather it on and get a good bond.

Of course I’d still replace it even if you can get it fixed. I wouldn’t trust super glue for any kind of permanent repair where you are always putting torque on the bond. I don’t think it holds up well to shearing forces.

edit - some of the glue will probably get on the vinyl too and make it stick, but you should be able to break that. Might tear the vinyl in the process. If you use too much it might get stuck in whatever position it has to be to make the bond.

I think your tape idea has possibilities. First, the plastic sleeve seems to have broken with part of it on the rod and some stuck in the hole. You might fish the broken piece out of the visor section. You could also cut a grove around the axis of the rod to where the plastic ended and pull that jagged piece off. That would give you a fresh start. Then make sure you taper the tape so it goes in easier. You can apply more tape if it’s too loose or take a few winding off if too tight.

Measure the diameter of the metal rod that used to fit into your visor. Go to Menard’s. Lowe’s, Home Depot, or some such store. Buy a wooden dowel of the same diameter.
Put the dowel into the sun visor with enough length left over to duct-tape it to the metal rod.

This should get you through till you get a replacement.

cut the ends off an aluminum can and then roll the remaining sheet around a piece of rod so it acts as tension spring between visor and the rod end.

See if the pivot stuff can be borrowed from the passenger side visor for the time being.

If you haven’t already looked for a replacement, my favorite site for used parts is (Note that the hyphen is required; is for new parts and I have no experience with that site.)

Buy some little stick-on Velcro tabs. Put one on the visor and the corresponding tab on the windshield. Put another tab on the ceiling so you can flip the visor up out your way when you don’t need it. You may not even need a tab on the ceiling if it’s nappy enough for the Velcro to stick on its own.

I was going to suggest duct taping the visor to the windshield, but that might work, too.

That’s a damn good idea. Thanks!

I regret not ordering the part on Saturday from the dealer. For some reason I’m not able to find a replacement online.