How do I fix my car's sun visor?

The plastic part that holds in the glass and the actual glass part fell off when I put the visor down. The passenger side visor is breaking too. The glass part is falling out The obvious thing is going to the dealer, but they would charge a lot. If I went to Pep Boys or Autozone could they order the part for me and fix it? The other way is going to a junkyard and finding the visors, but then I would need to have someone install them.

I think Pep Boys does parts *and *service. Autozone won’t install it, AFAIK. But any repair shop can probably do it for you, and can give you your choice of OEM, aftermarket, or maybe used parts.

I am still trying to get the part about how a sun visor has glass. Never seen that.

If you are talking about the glass mirrors found in many sun visors, I would suggest visiting a Pep Boys type store and buying mirrors that simply clip on or stick on your current visors.

I don’t think there is any good reason to get more complicated than that.

I’d do the junkyard thing. If the visors aren’t lighted, it should be pretty simple to install them. It’s usually 3 screws on one end and 1 screw on the other. If someone handed you one from a junker, you could probably figure it out.

PM me your VIN number and I’ll see what a visor costs for your vehicle. Also which side it is. Visors are a very easy part to replace, usually just a couple of screws, and normally are not repairable. Unless you buy one at a junk yard, you’ll have to source the part at the dealer.

Oh, the *mirror *is coming off.

I had that problem. I glued it back on with epoxy. No charge.

I’d go with epoxy as well, or a liquid nail glue. Depends on the backing. When a hailstorm took out my windshield, the shop that fixed it didn’t put the rear view mirror back on. I used some quick setting 4 ton epoxy. Sets in 5 minutes, full cure in 24 hours. GF at the time, got in, grabbed the mirror, and yanked it off! You could stick your littlest finger through the new hole in the windshield. The glue held very well, even on the next windshield, although I took the mirror off so she couldn’t do that again.