How to get a deal flying from Ohio to L.A. thenS.F.

At some time in the next year I want to fly to visit friends in Santa Rosa, CA. But I’d also love to take a day or so to do some library research in the L.A. Public Library.

How do I search for a low fare from Akron, OH. involving a three-city trip?

I’d fly home to Akron from Santa Rosa(S.F.?)

Go to and select ‘flights’ and ‘multiple destinations’…then for departing city, put Akron and your desired departure date. Destination 2 would be LAX and destination 3 would be SFO, then return to Akron (you’ll have an option to look up the airport code for Akron if you don’t know it). You can select specific dates or opt for ‘flexible travel dates’ which will give you the best price within a date range.

I guess I’ve never had need for a triangle flight, so assumed there was some trick to it. Thanks.

You should make sure you check out the options of flying through Oakland as well as San Francisco. You can sometimes get cheaper flights to Oakland, and getting from there to Santa Rosa will be no more difficult than the trip from SFO.

What mhendo said. Southwest flies out of Oakland, for instance. In fact, I would say that it’s slightly faster to get to the North Bay from Oakland than from SFO, which is actually south of the City in San Bruno. (Plus, San Francisco doesn’t have a through freeway system, so you have to drive on the city streets to get to the Golden Gate Bridge, which can be a nightmare, especially if you’re not familiar with the route.) I also understand there is an airport in Santa Rosa, but I have no idea where it is and I’ve never flown into or out of it. I can’t imagine it would be very cost efficient.

If you don’t want to rent a car, there’s a very good airport service that runs from Santa Rosa to both SFO and OAK. (Well, they have multiple busses, they don’t go to both airports on one trip.) Sonoma County Airporter.

(I grew up in Sonoma County. For some reason I’ve had cause to mention that twice on the SDMB today. It must be a very Sonoma-y day.)

Actually, Southwest now also flies out of SFO.

I’m not sure, sam, how important cost vs convenience is to you, but you could, if you were willing to use less convenient airports, do the whole trip on Southwest.

Cleveland > Oakland or San Francisco > Burbank > Cleveland.

Obviously Cleveland’s airport is going to be further away from your house than Akron, but it’s not a huge drive. Burbank is essentially part of LA, and the airport is actually 2 miles closer to the Central Branch of the LA Public Library than LAX.