How to get rid of a piggyback site?

Ever since I’ve downloaded the newest version of I.E I’ve been having a problem with a piggyback site.
Basically what happens it when I surf the web, sometime when visiting sites I will be automatically sent to http://www. (link broken on purpose). The search box is usually filled with some random word. This problem is persisting and I can’t visit certain sites because this page keeps coming up.
Does anyone know how I can get rid of it?

Have you tried clearing your cache files?

It could be some kind of spyware on your computer, these applications do a wide variety of things from tracking usage through to throwing up ads on competiting sites or maybe even interfering with your browsing. Download and install Ad aware and see if it can detect any nefarious applications.

I love a program called AdSubtract which has options for all sites to remove popovers and popunders, etc. It has lots of options, so you can exclude some sites from some things (my email site requites pop-up to Compose, for example, so that’s set to not restricted.)

If AdAware doesn’t catch it, try Spybot 1.1. Between the two of them, they will clean out whatever is highjacking your browser.

Well I got AdAware and its upgrade and the problem was corrected. Phew thats a relief. Thanks a bunch all of you!

Beware of AdAware. The program is good, but Xupiter spyware piggybacks on it when installed. I will return with cites if requested.

Ok. I’ll bite.

I’ve always trusted AdAware, figuring that if it’s good enough for Steve Gibson, it’s good enough for me.
Kindly provide the cites you offered.

A quick check of my sister’s computer (with ME installed on it, and hence the latest AdAware) found no trace of Xupiter. Plus, a fairly thorough search in both Google and AltaVista turned up a few cites for Xupiter being designed to require two passes in order to remove with AdAware, but nothing, anywhere, about it installing Xupiter by default (and, in fact, it will evidently detect and remoce it by default, albeit with some difficulty). Unless you have a rock-hard cite or a method of verifying this, I think you are wrong.

The one site that I read that on I have not been able to find. I just did a good 20 minute google search (+ad-aware+xupiter). I found only one site that speculated that they both have the same parent company. There were many Q&A boards where the “experts” said to use Ad-aware to remove Xupiter. There were also many testimonials to its effectiveness in removing it (very mixed). IN the process, I have learned much about the creators of Xupiter (scumbags).

Disregard my previous post. Some Guy, thanks for letting me know without totally flaming me. I will do more research before making speculative claims.

Carry on.

Thanx for the info, FI. I had a similar problem, and it looks like it’s cleared up. I had over 130 little bot programs hidden in my system!