How to get rid of my beard for ever?

Well, I am a gender fluent person. I do not feel totally inside the male gender (or the female). I could be… 40% male, 40% female and 20% potato. The thing is - I do not want to become a girl with boobs and a vagina, but I don’t want to be a muscular hairy bearded guy. I want to be… neutral. A thing that really bothers me is my body hair and my beard. Mostly my beard. I am searching for a good method on permanent beard removal.
Some people say that pulsated light does not work. I have read a few medical studies that say that the treatment with laser is way more painful, but shorter than pulsated light.
What is the best method on beard removal? I don’t like pain so much, but this is not really an issue - once I waxed my privates and I think I wont feel a pain more intense than that ever on my life.

Back in Yuppie days, there were new tech nabobs and the like who wanted to save those valuable two minutes shaving, so they spent a year having their beard removed with laser treatments. Those were cooler and techier than electrolysis. IIRC, a full laser beard removal could approach $100k. AFAIK, that’s the only two ways to permanently remove a beard. Pain, more pain, and extreme pain the the wallet getting there.

The jury is still out, but all the research I’ve done indicates that electrolysis is still the only truly permanent hair removal method. Laser is still not given the blessing as a permanent hair removal method yet. I’ve heard rumours that it does remove the hair for two or three years at a time - that’s not bad, if you can afford the price tag.

The big difference is: with waxing, you rip the wax off a few times. With electrolysis and laser (“pulsated light” is laser too), you get stung what feels like a million times. Not Fun at all.

My experience with laser has been that some hairs do come back, but nothing compared with the original amount. Occasional touch-up sessions have been much cheaper and a lot shorter than the original treatment.

Laser is only effective if you have fair skin and a dark beard. It wont work on red, gray or blonde hair. Electrolysis works for all hair colors. It wont cost anywhere near $100K but it will be expensive and take up to 2 years of weekly treatments. Where I live (Australia) it might cost $5,000 in total but may be more or less where you are.

Yeah, I’m afraid there’s simply not an inexpensive, non-painful method out there. If I had fuck you money, I’d tell 'em to start with my face and stop at my toes (just not a fan of body hair, though I’m lucky enough not to be particularly hirsute), but until said money arrives, it’s just not practical.


My step-sister is most of the way through a M2F transition and she used electrolysis with good effect but it’s been a year and a half and she still needs follow up appointments. It works but it’s a long road.

Tell her a random person from the internet sent her congratulations and “hes” best wishes!

I’ve heard things along those lines, too. Maybe that’s why they won’t endorse laser as a permanent method - it’s, like, 85% permanent, but not 100%.

no had that didn’t do it. however where I had radiation on my neck I still have no whiskers four years later

I remember reading an anecdote about MtF plastic surgery on the face (making the jawline less masculine and such), and while the surgeon was working beneath the skin, they took a moment to scrape the underside of the skin, killing off the follicles.

Is there anything to that?

That’s an interesting idea. My electrologist also tells me that clients of hers sometimes work with dentists to have their face frozen up before they come in for a torture session - if you were having a whole beard done, I can see that being a very good idea.