How to get rid of onion breath?

I just ate a falafel sandwich for lunch (excellent) and it must have contained the equivalent of an entire raw onion. Now I feel like a walking garbage can. I have brushed my teeth and had a cup of tea, but still feel that I reek.

So I was wondering, are there any proven ways to get rid of onion breath in a hurry?

And if there aren’t, how long will it take to wait things out?

Anecdotal evidence:
I like peppermints made with real peppermint oil. Your mouth is clean, what is left may be soaked into your mouth tissue (big guess there, I haven’t a real clue), and the burping back up of stuff. Since peppermint oil is also recommended for upset stomachs, it seems to me that it’s a double whammy effect.
But, like I said, anecdotal, ymmv, IANAEOOB*
*I an not an expert on onion breath

Parsley. Better still, if you can get it, paan.

Slowly chew 6 raw garlic cloves.

Dammit! Too slow AGAIN!!!

Anyhow, is onion breath that big a deal? I’ve encountered people with noticeable garlic breath before, but not onion. Perhaps your taste buds are causing you to exaggerate the problem.

I can safely tell you that those chocolate mints they give you at the Olive Garden, while absolutely delicious, will do nothing to improve your breath whatsoever.