How to get toner out of carpet?

I have an HP Color LaserJet in my office, sitting on the carpeted floor because I’m convinced this monstrosity would crush any manmade object put underneath it. Problem is, for some reason blue toner dust has been leaking out onto the paper tray. So, every time I pull out the paper tray to put in invoice paper, toner gets on the carpet.

I haven’t tried anything yet to get it up yet…I don’t want to make it worse.

Any ideas?

Small Rug? Out of sight, out of mind. :smiley:

Vacuum. The toner is just dust.

The same way you get blood from a stone: squeeze the hell out of it.


It’s very hard to get toner out of things, but one thing I can tell you - if you apply any heat to it, it’s in there permanently. Heat will melt the toner into a version of liquid ink. That’s why you wash toner off your hands with cold water rather than hot.

Good advice…thank you!

I will try to vacuum it up, but I wish I could figure out why it’s leaking.

I worked at Kinko’s for seven years, so I have a little experience in the ‘get the toner off me’ area. Yes, vacuum it. Then vacuum it again. Then do what **hlanlee ** said and get a small rug. Do not wet it, no matter how much you think it will work. It won’t. And take **featherlou’s ** advice about the temperature. I can tell you that one thing we always used was windex. It was always laying around to clean the glass and sensors, and it was the best thing for getting the toner off your hands. Straight alcohol does well too.

Any ideas for getting it off a pair of formerly-brown nubuck clogs? They’re now a mottled brownish-black.

If you’ve tried washing them with a damp cloth you are probably screwed and the best bet is to try to even out the toner to make it look like a pattern! You can try to vacuum them with the smallest attachment the vacuum has. If you wiped the shoe you probably rubbed the toner in. See option #1.

Seriously, with nubuck you may try taking it to a cobbler or dry cleaner but it may be more than the shoes are worth, depending on how old they are.

It’s basically become like a faux finish–brown base with sponged-on black. It doesn’t look so bad. :wink: