How to get your own post removed

On another thread, someone (sorry, forgot who) said:

“Yes! I find it to be an abuse of a moderator’s position to go back and delete comments that they may regret that they made. That’s a luxury that the rest of us do not have, and makes it impossible to debate with a moderator on a fair level.”

Actually, if you want your own post deleted, as a moderator or administrator to delete it for you. That’s one of the reasons why we have our names highlighted, you know.

We will want reasonable assurance that you are who you say you are…for instance, you should mail us from the same email address you’ve listed on your profile. If for some reason you don’t want your email address permanently available, change your profile for just a little while.

Incidentally, moderators can only moderate in their own forums. Administrators can moderate the whole MB.

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I second Lynn here. I have responded to requests to fix spelling and to delete postings, and I will be happy to do so in future.

Well … we should qualify this. We wouldn’t delete a post just because it happens to make a point the OP found inconvenient later in the debate.

'Scuse us, folks. The staff needs to huddle on this for a mo.
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Thanks Ed - that’s the point I’m having a problem with. And if normal posters can’t do it, moderators shouldn’t either.

I use a different e-mail account from work–I can check my account on my profile from there, but can’t use it to send. What would I do if I were at work and wanted to have a post deleted?

Uh oh are you sure you wanta do that. I am always hitting submit and then saying “ARGH why didn’t I say…” not enough for a repost.
For example somewhere I said “… the contamination was coincedental.” can I have one of you change it to “…the contamination was PURELY coincidental”? Seriously what are the criteria? I don’t worry about spellug, unless it makes me say something the opposite of what i meant. An d saying something that makes me seem an ass well… I said it ,either I back it up, retract, or apologize ,lie my way out of it, or gracefully extract myself with an extremely clever witticism.

I just reread that, and saw
“… i meant.A nd…”
Lynn, could you please change that to “… i meant to say.A nd…”? sorry. couldn’t resist when i reread it.

How do I go about removing someone ELSE’S postings? ;).

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<< How do I go about removing someone ELSE’S postings? >>

If you find a posting that violates the Chicago Reader’s policy, you sent an e-mail to the appropriate forum Moderator. There is a great deal of activity on many of these forums, and the Moderator can’t be everywhere at once; we are glad to have our attention drawn to an offensive post so we can take action (or not) as required.

If you copy an Administrator on your e-mail, you will have your bases covered in case the Moderator is on vacation.

Is there a way to know which moderator to e-mail in those forums with multiple?

I was reading and noticed someone had posted material that violated the Chicago Reader’s policy, so I was trying to figure out who to inform. In this case Uncle Beer saw it and corrected it before I could figure out who to notify, so I have decided to ask for future reference.

Thank you!


Well, the most obvious restriction is time. See, I’m in Europe, for example. So right now, it’s 4 AM over here, and you can’t reach me.

Never mind.

(Any mod is fine, and when in doubt, copy all the relevant mods on the message. We don’t mind that.)

Why does Ed show up as unregistered?
I know that’s how his oldest posts look, but the recent ones had a post count, etc.

And when did C K Dexter Haven become an admin?
If it’s new, congratulations, CK.
If it’s not, then please excuse my inattention.


Thanks. If it is a case where I think someone’s intentionally trying to mess with the board, you can bet every mod in my address book and the administrators will get a heads up.

I’m thinking more along the lines of “ahh, they didn’t read the rules real carefully, I’d better give someone a heads up so this is edited soon” non-emergency type situation. 9 times out of 10 I would bet a mod’s already read it and is acting on it, but as I’m starting to feel like a member of the community here I want to do my part.

If you don’t think that they’d mind, I’ll go ahead and e-mail all relavent mods in a given forum if that situation comes up, just so I know it’s covered.


Show_Biz: CK has been an Administrator for a long time - from the start, actually. As to Ed’s “Guest” status: I don’t know, honestly. Must be one of those conversion glitches.

dublos: one additional remark, although I’m not even sure it’s an issue: if you’re copying multiple moderators, make sure you don’t put any in the “BCC” field. Just use the plain “TO:” or “CC:” fields. The reason is that we routinely forward stuff to o-ur colleagues, and getting the same message twice would make little sense. Plus, we already get about 70 SD-related e-mails per day (from posters and mods/admins). :wink:

Is it also possible to change the title of a Thread?


Yes. For a moderator or administrator. Why?


Another question. Is it possible to change user name?

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Send an e-mail to, and ask nicely. :wink: