HOW TO DELETE my username???

Someone please tell me how to delete my posting/username or account. Thanks.

You can’t. An admin or mod can, but probably won’t. If you don’t want to post here, then just…don’t post here.

If, on the other hand, you want a different username, I think you get one name change for pretty much any reason, by contacting a mod/admin.

You can ask a mod to ban you, but in most cases they won’t delete what you’ve already posted.

This is the answer. We don’t delete accounts. If you want us to:

  1. Put you on “posting sabbatical,” which prevents you from posting; or
  2. Changer your user name;

We’ll do those things. But we don’t delete accounts. Sorry.


Even that’s pretty hard to do, just ask adhay.

If you want to do this because it’s a name you use in other parts of the internet and you don’t want someone connecting posts here back to you, changing your user name will probably accomplish what you want to do* Old posts will reflect your new user name.

*Unfortunately previous posts can’t (won’t) be edited, so anything that you’ve written on this board is here to stay.

Perhaps if you could clarify what it is you are trying to accomplish. Why do you wish to delete your account, your username, or your posts?

nevermind … stupidity, not humor.

They can’t all be winners.

I’ll contact the OP off the board and counsel her.

And we’ll go ahead and close this thread.