How do I delete my acount?

I can’t find a way to do it. Is there a way?

This isn’t a dating or social networking site where you can just delete your profile when you’re done with it.

Nope. Usernames are never re-used. Just stop posting. The mods will grant a voluntary ban if asked.

Just quit using it.

You just go away.


I’m definitely sorry to see that you had a bad experience on this site. My best wishes to you.

Just delete your bookmark. Sorry you are unhappy here.

All of the above.

You just leave. You are under no obligation for anything and no salesman will call on you.

Before you go, can I ask what inspired your user title?

Sorry you came at a bad time. As you’re no doubt aware, another poster was just revealed to have been making up a tragic story to garner sympathy. Apparently a lot of people feel burned by this revelation and aren’t particularly trusting right now.

8 posts and out?

I’m all fired up to feel righteously indignant at the way you were driven from the boards, but I can’t start feeling that way if you are still here. Really, this is quite awkward, don’t you agree? Thankfully, it can easily be resolved.

You don’t have the ability to delete or remove or modify your post history in any way. You also cannot create another account to start fresh, that is called socking (or sock-puppeting) and is against the rules. Pretty much your only recourse (if you screw the pooch or want a fresh start) is to post more constructively and remake your image. But the internet never truly forgets (ask me how I know!).

Spray a can of whipped cream into your USB ports.

You could fill your hovercraft with eels, doesn’t that do something?

Seriously now … if you don’t feel at home in the Straight Dope community, well, it’s not always easy to fit in here. It does take time and some effort to understand the often cranky culture and inside jokes and general stuff that makes this place what it is.

And for some people, it’s not to their liking and more time spent looking at it does not improve upon it.

So if that’s the case, go with god, and all best, and write if you get work.

We do also sometimes have situations where people feel almost compelled to post, even when that is not in their best interest … some say they can’t stop. We can place those people on a “posting sabbatical.” We put them in a user group that lets them look at the board all day long, search the site, read postings, send private messages, etc. However, they cannot make posts. If you’re in that category send me an email and we’ll discuss it.


I guess if you get the impression that some folks here think you are a lying douchebag who is lying about the worst possible thing that could happen to a person…well…yeah the welcome mat need a little warshing.

But hey, some folks got a laugh out of it and some folks got to feel superior and some folks made sure they weren’t “conned”.

I am sorry you are going through such hard times Camel. Stay frosty.

Don’t go Frosty.

You stay camely Frosty.