how to go about flagging a spot on Google Earth

I go to google earth and I see other people have added pictures of places, and have flagged various locations of interest. I’d like to suggest/add one. How do I go about doing it? I’m sure there needs to be control over the process otherwise everyone would be flagging everything.

Any help on the process. I just want to mark a spot for everyone to recognize, not put up a picture.

First, register at the Google Earth community boards.

Then read ALL the informational threads/posts to figure out what forum the placemark is relevant to and any other requirements. If you have any questions, ask there.

Finally, once you’re SURE of the forum where your placemark belongs and you’ve met all other requirements, post it there. If approved, it’ll show up in the Google Earth Community Forums layer eventually. This may take months.

I submitted 6 pictures I took of Puget Sound from various locales, it took less than a day for them to show up on Google Earth.

I submitted a place mark (no photo) for a statue of U.S. Grant in Chicago some time in the past year. It took more than a month for it to show up. Perhaps they’ve speeded up, perhaps photos or more significant place marks are different.