How to Import an XP Filelist into Excel

OK. So I open up Explorer in XP and I have a directory list of files that includes Name, Date, Filesize and Duration (they are video and/or audio files). Is there an easy way to get this info into text or Excel?

Currently I do a “dir > filelist.txt” from a DOS Window, but this text file does not include the “Duration” column. Is there a command line switch in DOS for this, or is DOS not capable? I tried “dir help” but didn’t see any switches that wouls apply.

If not, any way to get a text file from the Explorer window? I can use filesize as an estimate, but with different compression/bit rates a short (duration) file could have a large filesize, and vice versa.

As always, TIA

A substitute file manager might work. Here’s one, although I don’t know if it does what you want:

You might try googling for some software called AVICodec. It is a free multimedia analysis program primarily intended to determine the audio and video codecs used in a multimedia file, and determine if it is supported on your system.

It has the option of opening folders, instead of files, and scanning all (well, most formats) multimedia files. You then have an option to export the results to a .csv text file.

You specifically mention wanting durations, which it provides, however, it only provides it in whole seconds. I had a need for exact durations (or at least to a hundreth of second), and found that it also reported (for video) the framerate and the exact number of frames, which made calculating the exact duration in Excel trivial.

AVICodec did the trick. Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks for all the replies and views.