How to log into Youtube

Sorry for a question that’s probably already answered in big, bold capital letters on the first help screen, but I’m having an incompetency flare-up.

I tried to view a video linked in the OccupyWallstreet Pit thread and got the “This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate” screen. I tried to sign in, and it said “In order to sign you up for a YouTube channel, we need to log you out of your Google Account before starting the process.”

The only button I see is the “make me a new channel” button. But I don’t want a new channel, I already have one. When I check its settings, my gmail account is listed. But whenever I try and do anything, I keep getting sent to the “make me a new channel” button. I can’t put in my channel there; it tells me that the name is taken.

I keep going in circles. I have a gmail account. I have a channel. The two seem to be linked. I … I … I don’t get it.


Go to and log out there. Then go back to YouTube and log in. If that doesn’t work, try deleting your cookies and then log into YouTube again.

Thanks. Man I hate being an idiot, but I logged out and cleaned house (even restarted the browser), saw that I was logged out–but right away I end up back at the

ETA: Also tried the same thing with IE (rarely used on my machine).

I had to deal with this same bullshit and ended up abandoning my old youtube account and starting a new one.

Damn. :frowning:

My Youtube account is my username–it seems crapulent that I’d have to give it up.

I did the exact same thing. No matter which google account I used, or what I tried, I couldn’t get access to my old YouTube account. Really sucks.
Rhythmdvl** I will watch this space to see if you figure out a work-around.

Do either of these articles help?

Phasing out classic YouTube password support for users linked to a Google Account
Trouble signing into YouTube after linking to a Google Account

Alas, no. I’d been all over their help links before posting, and just followed again to see if I missed something.

I don’t understand what’s happening. I can log into the gmail account, and follow it’s dashboard to YouTube. I can log out (and clear the heck out of everything cache/cookies) and log directly into the YouTube account. The channel is right there. I was able to change the password, log out, and verify that the YouTube system took the changed password. But just about anything else I do tells me that they’re going to have to log me out of my Google Account, then tells me to create a channel, but I can’t (re)create a channel with that name. And though I have ownership sufficient to change the password, I can’t do anything but repeat the circle–get told I need to log out and create a channel…
It’s really not just me? Not that this doesn’t mean I’m an idiot for several other reasons, but not this one.

Try closing YouTube, log in to your Google account, search for the video with Google and open the YouTube video from there, which should log you in automatically.


Logged out of everything. Shut this machine down. Started an XP box that’s never been on the Internet, and went online through another broadband connection–there was no possible tie between the two attempts.

Was able to log in using the new password I assigned. I can even see, right there taunting me, Rhythmdvl’s Channel. But when I try and do anything, it immediately tells me it needs to log me out of my Google account and set up a new channel.


I was having some annoying minor problems signing in to YouTube and using a different account for Google Reader that may be related to this. I partially solved this by signing in to YouTube with my old YouTube account name and the password for the Google account I’ve associated it with. Try that and see if it helps.

After I do this I usually have to re-sign in to Google Reader with the different account. I do know that YouTube doesn’t support the multiple account signin that Reader does, and this (or my presumably imperfect understanding of the way it works) is the source of my problem.