Signing into YouTube

About a decade ago I got a username on YouTube. I remember the username, and I think I remember the password. The trouble is, I don’t see where you can log in with your username. I get a Google thing where I can log in with one of two email addresses I use, but neither of them seem to link to my username.

So… How do I log into my ‘channel’ (or whatever it is they call my account)?

You probably missed when Youtube forced all users to migrate their accounts to a GMail address (Google account). Maybe that means your old userid is basically abandoned and unreachable, because you have no way of connecting it to a GMail address now.

If it matters, you may have to work with Youtube customer service (shudder). :eek:

It doesn’t seem to exist. At least, there isn’t a link to it.

Actually, googling around (ironic, ne?), I found this:


This sounds like your situation. Good luck!

‘This YouTube account is not available to be claimed.’ :frowning:

OK, I used the other address. My username is linked. Not that I’m uploading anything, but I might someday.