How to prosper in George Bush's America

I’m a middle-class guy (doesn’t everyone say they’re middle class?) who is one of those self-employed small business owners that the administration goes on about, and says their tax cuts will benefit.

Clearly, the way things are headed, hard work is not the route to success. Witness the millions trapped in grueling low-wage, zero-benefit jobs. I’ve decided to give in and learn to play Bush’s game.

So, other than being born into a wealthy and influential family with wealthy and influential friends who can help me out and give me money, what can I do to best take advantage of George Bush’s “Ownership Society”?

Should I sink everything I possibly can into stock investments? It seems, esp. with local govts. having to jack property taxes to pay for cuts in Federal funding, that they’re a better haven for money than real estate. What else? Are there certain businesses that I could get involved with that get more breaks? Am I better off working independently or hiring employees?

Based on the job offerings I’ve seen lately, your best bet is to create or work for a company that subcontracts for military or security applications. Develop a better way of finding WMDs or tracking the common citizen’s every move, and you’ll be rich.

Moving this from IMHO to Great Debates.

Ahh, a new birpartisan loophole: I just heard on the radio that the new corporate tax bill that just passed allows many businesses to reclassify themselves as manufacturers, and get tax breaks.

Anyone know what the bill number was? I can’t seem to find it in any of the news stories.

H.R. 4520
I think this is it.

Well, by now, if you’re not fixing your books, then you’re not a real Bush man! :wink:

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Worked for Oskar Schindler.

(This thread has been Godwinized in seven posts. New record, or just a personal best? :slight_smile: )

Argh. Brain hurt.

Before Brutus comes along with his typical one-line ‘move along, nothing to see here, Coulter rocks!’ post in an attempt to derail the thread, let me ask something of those who speak legalese/politicianif.

Could this bill be used to, say, pad a bunch of statistics to make it look like, oh, I don’t know…manufacturing jobs and production figures have suddenly skyrocketed?

Here’s a newspaper story on the bill:

And I just started a thread on it:

I’d be real leary of investing in the stock markets. One the one hand, Bush policies favor big business (especially petrochems, pharma’s, energy, etc), but on the other hand I think the dollar is going to sink like a stone and the US capital markets trashed if Bush gets re-elected. The combination of slashing taxes and exponentially increasing spending will likely lead to a significant amount of investor money going to safe havens in Europe. With capital outflows, interest rates will go up, and corporate cost of capital is hurt earnings.

Be born a WASP. A rich one.

Well, the answer is simple:

Be more aware of what your capabilities are, and strive to achieve your goals. Sure, that is not going to be as feasable given the circumstances, but just the same it doesn’t hurt for us to give it our all. Everyone has a desire to survive, and most have a desire to suceed. The truly inspirational people are those that can rise out of seemingly hopeless situations. I think the light in the tunnel here is that we will see more people like this, since the environment will support people struggling to rise out of their own localized kind of opression.

Do not be so quick as to blame the government for your problems. By saying “I can’t do this because so-and-so is President” sells yourself short, and only serves to make yourself look like a martyr by using the adminstration as a scapegoat. As a student, I’ve seen tuitions go up, wages go down, gas prices go up, and financial aid options deteriorate. And yet, I am making more money and working harder than I ever have before. But before I blame any shortcomings on policy, I am more interested in seeing how far I can push myself in spite of everything.

Aww…that’s sweet. I can almost hear the Star Spangled Banner.

I’m making the exact same money I was making three years ago, and I’m working twice as hard with three times the responsibility. And I know I’m incredibly lucky to be in my situation. I’ve got a guy working for me who had to leave a job he loved (that paid more) to come work with me because his old place had extremely bad insurance (ours isn’t good, bit it’s slightly above mediocre) and he’s got a new baby. I, myself, am contemplating a huge downward move in my career (say, fry cook) because I just can’t fucking stand the place I’m at anymore.

But I can’t. Because it’s just that bad out there. TJ couldn’t stay at a job he loved because the insurance system is so fucked up.

Meanwhile, I have some smirking chimp who has never worked a day in his life telling me how absolutely wonderfully awesomely great things are going and how happy I should be.


I was not born to a wealthy family, nor even a WASP family. My father was a poor immigrant from El Salvador.

I am reasonably happy at my job, making more money today than I was four years ago. I have excellent insurance and benefits.

How is this possible, Aeschines?

From your posts, I’d assume it was hard work and total assimilation into the Pubbie philosophy.


Get involved in non-violent, low-prosecution, high income crime. Identity theft, embezzlement and whatnot. Then after you build up a bankroll move to a non-extradition country and stay there. In 50 years have your grandkids move back into america when nobody will give a damn ‘how’ they got rich, just the fact that they are rich (worked for the Kennedys).

Either that, or Bricker is Michael Dukakis in real life.


Willie Horton!

Yes. No trace of “wealthy family” and yet, somehow…

Yes, and I can say that ‘Education and hard work are the best way to get ahead in our country’.

Does that mean that is the only way to do so? There is no other way?


Don’t get excusionary just because your anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean anything.