How to say "Please don't give me any more gifts"

You should just be a real jerk and throw their gifts in the trash right in front of them. They’ll never buy you anything again.

When I was young and just starting my own household, I loved to buy gifts for aunts/uncles/cousins. For me it was a right of passage into adulthood. When you’re a child, everyone buys for you. As an adult, you buy for others.

I understand the “please, no more gifts” sentiment now that I’m an old codger, but then I couldn’t fathom why they wouldn’t’ want another trinket from me.

Regift the stuff, return it, or donate it to your favorite charity. Speaking of charities, you may want to suggest that they make a donation to your favorite charity in your name in lieu of gifts next year. That way they can spend $5.00 or $500.00 and no one will be the wiser.

Please have them give a big bag of kitty/doggie food in your name to their local shelter, and then send a card telling them they did that!

Doesn’t even matter if they cannot afford it

Old bedspreads, towels and

stuffed animals, will serve just as well. They love us humans!

And after all, we domesticated them:slight_smile:


And here’s a video you can send 'em: