How to thank a friend

On the third of this month my truck was totalled. I walked away and so did the other people involved. On calling my friend to tell her of this she offered me the use of her second car. I offered to buy it from her but she wants to keep it.

How do I go about thanking her for this?

Graciously accept her offer to lend you her spare car. Then, once you’ve replaced your car, take your friend out for a lovely dinner, or take her to the theatre or to a concert or something that you know she’ll enjoy.

Get the car cleaned, waxed, and all spiffed up before you return it. You can also see about having the oil changed, wipers replaced, stuff like that.

What does your friend like? Dinner, concert tickets, a day at a spa, etc. are all good depending on what she likes.

If you’d like to buy a gift, do your gas stations have prepaid gas cards or anything like that you could get her? Maybe you could get her a AAA membership or something similar.

I like Maddy’s suggestion, I’ve got a spare and would happily loan it to a friend in a similar situation. I’d very much appreciate some TLC being lavished on it as it’s stuff I’d have to do eventually myself so it saves me time, effort and money.

That is a true friend !

Back in June of 01 I totalled my Econoline (every one involved walked away.) The guilt I had over this accident was as thick as a knife as we just bought our first brand new car ever in our marriage. Less than a month later, my husband did some serious damage new car (not his fault.) that took about 4 weeks to repair. His boss let him use the company truck during that time or we would have been screwed. ( Oh and then September 11th happened. That was just the crappiest crappiest time period and I still think they are all interconnected.)

TLC your friends car. Hell, TLC mine!

Maybe slip a gift card in the ashtray or visor for gas so it can surprise her when she uses it again.

My friend and co-worker drove me to work for about a week last year, when my car was in the shop. I got her a gift certificate for her favorite restaurant. The loan of an entire car might call for a basket of goodies for an entire evening. Candles, wine, restaurant gift card, and a gift card to the movies with enough extra for snacks, and a nice little box of chocolates.

The basket could contain nearly anything if she’s not into dinners out. Whenever I’m stumped I just google ‘gift baskets’ and their particular interest. There are lots of fantastic ideas gift-basket pros can give you.

Definitely spiff the car up before returning it.

I lent my extra truck to a coworker just this week, expecting nothing but a little help shuttling my new truck to the dealership. He returned it all washed and shiny and even did the interior and the tires, which is more than I ever do to it. I was floored - he really didn’t have to do that, but it was a nice gesture.

I love this place :slight_smile:

I have cleaned up the car. Gift basket sounds good. Thanks all.

Make sure you return it with a full tank, regardless of how full it was when you got it. With the price of gasoline, I would appreciate that more than a gift basket*, if it were my car being returned.

Anywho, if it were any of my friends who had lent me the car, I would sponser a night out for either (a) the couple (if attached) or (b) a girls/guys night (if they’re unattached). For option A, I would promise to babysit the brats so the two could have a night out and get them a certificate to a nice-ish restaurant and a couple of movie GCs, too. For option B, brats would go to babysitter (pre-arranged and paid by me) while friend and I had dinner & drinks.

*I must admit, I hate most stuff that comes in baskets. I usually chuck them the moment they arrive. I also wouldn’t ever order a basket for another unless I knew for a fact that they liked stuff like that. Don’t let that stop you; I just assume all others are as picky as I am.