How should I show my gratitude?

I went to the grocery store to get 2 specific items that I forgot on my last regular trip, and I was wallet poor by $1. I went to one of my favorite cashiers, who I have truly friended, and in the process of paying, I realized I was short the buck.

My cashier took a dollar out of her pocket, and made up the difference. I told her that it would be about 4 minutes until I paid her back, because I had planned on using the store ATM anyway, and I’d pop over there and back, and return her dollar.

I did all that, and she refused the dollar. Now I’m pissed, because I’m a dude of honor, and I pay back my debts, however quickly or slowly that may be.

When I got home, I called the manager on duty, and told him what FavCashier did, so she has good feedback in her record, so that base is covered. What should I do to pay her back, when she’s refusing the dollar I owe?

I’ve told the story a couple of times already about a different cashier in Indianapolis that loaned me her car when I locked the keys in mine. I paid her back by returning her car newly washed and with a full tank.

If you’ve befriended her like you say you have, just invite her out for lunch one day or something. Seems simple enough.

Both of us are married, and it’s not that kind of befriending.

Flowers are always nice, some good chocolates or coffee if you know she likes that. A simple Thank You card is also appropriate.

How does marriage preclude going to lunch with a friend?

MY wife would have all kinds of problems with it, no matter how benign the lunch.

However, I could give her a restaurant card for her to use with her hubby…

I’d say that’s a great idea; or maybe get one of those Starbuck’s cards and put $10 on it. (If you’re anti-Starbuck’s, I’m sure a local coffeeshop or gift shop or something would hook you up with a gift certificate.)

When I go to the bank, I buy a few Sacajawea dollars, and I use them for tips. You could accidentally leave one on the counter when she’s not looking.