I gave my credit card to my "best friend"

So my neighbor “best friend” texts me and asks me for money. I said I had none, they said it was an emergency and asked if I had a card. I hesitated for a moment but said “yes”.

After an hour and a half of talking about it. I was convinced they were “trust worthy” enough. They promised only to take 5-10 dollars. They returned the card 10 minutes later and took out 60 dollars. I wasn’t over drafted but I was so incredibly mad.

Told my family, got a lecture, lay downed depressed for 7 hours straight. We all decided to drop it and just learn our lesson.


Did you actually have cash on you at the time that you could have loaned them instead of the card? If so, :o And what kind of best friend has to argue for 90min to convince their best friend for five dollars in an emergency? How old are you? And what did this person say upon returning the card, knowing they had withdrawn more than promised? Are you planning on getting the $60 back?

Just think: they will never be able to ask you for anything. No gas for the lawnmower, no milk money, no any money for any reason nor physical help of any kind (no moving, no putting up a fence (unless you want that fence) nor snow blowing or chopping up a windblown tree).

Which means for the low, low price of $60 and a few hours to realize you are FREE!! Never to have to help them again. Ever.

I didn’t have cash at the time of them borrowing it. They have borrowed money in the past (but it was cash). I am 29 and they were 22; they didn’t say much after returning the card. There is no way I am getting that 60$ they couldn’t pay me the last 20$ I loaned them.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice…

Yeah, I was with him right up till that last line. :smiley:

What would worry me the most is that he could have written down your CC information from the card and now can use it for online purchases whenever he wants.

Nah, I canceled the card and getting a new one in the mail. Canceled it like right away so they cannot do anything with that information.

I wouldn’t lie if I said I wasn’t bewitched by her good looks.

Eerie coincidence on your username. :smiley:

Did she give you any indication of what the nature of her “emergency” was? And why did you refer to her as your best friend? Even using scare quotes?

If there is a next time, withdrawn the cash for her. Or purchase what she needs for her. Or just tell her no.

She said it was for medications. She refereed to me as her best friend after I helped her out a a few times.

Or, OR at least ask for a share of the drugs.

Ho-ly crap. Dude?

No, no, no. Continue to show her you are they for her when she really needs help. If you keep showing her what a nice guy you are and how different you are from all those assholes who just have one thing on their minds, if you keep doing it for long enough, sooner or later the girl is yours. That’s how it works. Buy her stuff. Listen to her complain about guys. Comfort her.

Dude, didn’t you get spanked for something like this a week ago? :wink:

Probably what she spent it on, wouldn’t be surprised. I am not quiet sure how she will look at me again, especially since she is just across the street from me.

Something like what? Be more specific, I’m getting old.

ETA: oh do you mean the whole "ethiopian new year"and leo bloom and his dog swallowing a bone, etc? That was genuinely not snark.