What is the most generous thing a person has done for you?

My mom has done many, many generous things for me. Sometimes I feel guilty that the things she does for me are difficult for me to repay her.

One generous thing she did was inform me that she would help me through school by covering my tuition so long as I paid for my own books. If it were entirely up to me, it would be impossible for me to afford to go to college; my grades are too low and my family makes too much to qualify for aid.

Another generous thing she has done is loan me five grand to get a new car after I got in an accident. At the time she was in a bit of a crisis in getting anothe property of ours fixed up so new renters could move in. This I am very grateful for. So grateful, that I’ve made it a point to pay her back as fast as I can afford, even if it means every cent I make goes towards paying that loan off.

My parents put me through college the first time around. Also, since I’m recently unemployed, they’ve given me some $ to help pay my bills.

I love my mommy and daddy; they’re good to me.

My buddy lent me 14 grand last week so I could pay off my car. I just mentioned my situation in passing and the next day he had a money order waiting for me. I paid him back yesterday.

It is nice to have good friends.

You and your parents are a great example of a good family dynamic Incubus!! Me so jealous!!! :slight_smile:

My husband’s parents lend us the money for the down payment on our place, and sold us their old mini-van. We’re paying them back, but we couldn’t have had our own place without that help!!

I’ll be eternally grateful!!

She became my best friend.

Hey, mine’s about mom too! It’s more an ongoing act of generosity - she’s retired and has taken care of my 2 sons, ages 6 & 8, for their entire lives. Pick up/drop off at school, take to doctor, the park, etc…I wouldn’t have my career if it wasn’t for her help. I know I’m lucky - I don’t know how working parents with children handle the whole “day care” situation if they don’t have family nearby.
Love ya, mom!

My former employers and coworkers.

My mom was in the hospital in a coma for a couple of weeks so I stayed at the hospital (2 hours away) for the entire time. My employers paid me my regular salary, even after I used up my few vacation hours. My coworkers took up money (even some of my favorite customers donated) so I would have money to live on in the other town. I think they gave me about $200 or more, which I thought was so touching because we were all poor college students at the time.

Not just one person, but I thought I would share anyway.

My mom gave me the space to be independent, and helped me pick up the pieces after I was done showing myself I couldn’t do it alone.
My children love me unconditionally on a daily basis.
My husband revealed to me that I AM a worthwile person, and that I DO have a right to be happy.

I would have to leave my parents out because it would be a non-stop ramble.

In college I was going to fail my first accounting test. One of my best friends gave up his evening of study to beat the concept of T-accounts into me. He risked his gpa to save me. I got an A in the class. He went on to get his CPA (while in law school).

Another friend of mine got up early to check on a site that was on an historical tour I was giving (I had 4 hours sleep over the 3 days of the tour) The site had been trashed the evening of the tour and my buddy got the city to come out and clean it up (it eventually became a park). I litterally almost cried when I found out because the site was my pet project and the crowning jewel of the tour.

My mother donated a kidney. :slight_smile:


My family did not give up on me when I was depressed. A long time ago, now, those gloomy years. When I’d sit for hours in the dimly lit living room doing nothing for hours on end.

My children forgive me when I (usually unintentionally) embarrass them.

And once, my daughter let me have all the strawberry shortcake, even though there was enough for two, just because I felt like being indulged. Of course, she got the Dove Bar (ice cream). But still…

My childrens’ birthparents have given me the honor of loving and parenting our children. It doesn’t get any more generous than that in my book. I thank them in my heart, and with my words, where our children can hear them, every single day.

After my mom got put in prison, my aunt and uncle took me in and let me live with them. They put up with my teenage crap, enrolled me in high school, fed and clothed me, and made sure I had a roof over my head. They’ve done more for me in the 2 years I’ve lived with them than my mom did in the sixteen years she had me.

If it weren’t for my uncle and aunt, I’d never have finished high school or got onto college (I’ve finished 2 semesters, with a 3.4 GPA! Wooo!). I rave about them to everyone I meet, and consider them to have truly raised me. Had I not had them, I’d be a completely different person, and not in a good way.


Not for me personally, but the most generous thing I’ve ever been witness to benefited one of my friend’s parents.

Her mother has worked very hard, for a very long period of time, for a non-profit society. Her salary is nominal – enough to get by. Someone was impressed enough by her dedication to give her the money to buy a house.

Very nice to know that that whole “cast your bread upon the water” thing can really work.

Closer to home…

I have a friend who has always been there to listen and offer very useful advice when I get embarassingly hysterical, regardless of her situation, which in my opinion is generally a more difficult one than I’ve ever had to deal with. I can’t imagine how I can ever repay her for the times she’s talked me down off the ledge— but I’d die trying.

A few years back, I broke my left leg into about a zillion pieces, less than a month after starting a new job. It wasn’t an ordinary break; it has so far required a plate, screws, an external fixator (aka halo), four operations, and hundreds of hours of therapy to repair. I spent almost a year initially on crutches, and a few weeks post-surgically on each of two subsequent occasions.

At the time, I lived alone and had no car. My friend and co-worker Kasia, who did more things to save my ass than I could possibly count and probably kept me from being left unemployed and with no insurance. Kasia also recruited a complete stranger at work, Carol, who drove me to and from work every day for more than six months - my doctor had forbidden me to take the bus, even if I’d been physically able to get to the bus stop and stand there, due to the risk of falling in my condition with external pins going through my leg like a shish kabob).

Between the two of them, and my boss at the time, who arranged for me to work at home and brought a table and computer equipment to my house in her husband’s truck one night, I managed to stay employed. These near-strangers probably helped me more than my own immediate family did. Without them, I quite possibly would have been unemployed, housebound, and on Medicaid. I salute them.

and here Fish beat me to the kidney thing …

An incredible, amazing, wonderful friend of ours offered to get tested to see if she could donate her kidney to WinkieHubby. It turns out she matches (better than I do), and if all goes well the swappin’ will happen in late October.

I’m absolutely blown away [sub]and NOT crying, definitely NOT crying![/Sub]

Grandmother sent me to boarding school to get me out of a troubled house, and let me live with her whenever I wanted to, and coresponded frequently and showered all sorts of attention on me.
She died ten years ago, but I always feel like I owe to somebody else who needs it the kind of help she gave me. I’ve only returned the favor gradually, but I’m not stopping yet.
Thank you, Gretchen.

This may not be completely over the top, but it was pretty damn nice.

I am installing infloor heat in an addition. Need a special tool for the pipe clamps. Turns out that the tool costs about $130. Kinda rich since I only need about 4 clamps (small addition)

The fella at the plumbing supply said that maybe I could rent one. Maybe.

Anywho, a week later, the plumbing supply guy asks a plumber if he happens to have an extra tool that he could rent to me. He did this completely out of the blue. Done, $20 a week.

This type of service and consideration will keep me coming to the shop for years to come.

[/Arnold] I’ll be back [/Arnold]

Through thick and thin, good and bad, my dad loved me unconditionally and was my best friend. I wish every kid could grow up with a dad like mine.

My very best friend forgave me for being a pretty selfish turd when we were dating, and continues to forgive me when I am not as sensitive as I should be.