How to Train Your Dragon 2 (no op at least)

Holy shit what a movie.

I heard reviews that it was more intense, and it was darker, but I never thought they’d do this much. The action sequences were good, the voice acting was decent, the animation style (they used a new one) is very noticeable ESPECIALLY with the dragons I think.

They hinted at it with the first movie, but this movie might as well be called “How to Train Your Dragon 2: Toothless is a fucking force”.

I loved it and I thought it really stands alone as its own movie. Other than being familiar with the characters, you could take someone who had never seen dragons 1 and they would be able to follow the story perfectly.

I loved loved loved it, anyone else?
Also thought it was very interesting to heavily hint a character is gay

I thought that the revelation that the spiny-headed dragon rider…

is Hiccup’s mother

was a bit silly. Though I did appreciate that they used a very Ghibliesque design for the character, when in full armor. Probably there’s a specific character in Nausica that they were referencing, but I’d have to re-read the manga to check.

Otherwise, I thought it did well on every level, without being a paint-by-numbers production. I didn’t know what to expect as the movie moved forward.

I also liked that Hiccup and Astrid had an obvious and non-plot-affecting relationship. They touched, kissed lightly, and basically were just happily together - not angsty nor romantic nor fighting off rival love interests. How often do you see that in any sort of movie, let alone one for kids? And yet, it’s probably a good thing to represent. On the other hand, I imagine that the references to Gobber’s sexual orientation will probably pass over the kids heads.

I agree. Other than a “babe” once and a only a couple kisses it wasn’t thrown in your face. It was nice to see a happy couple

Loved the first one, loved this one. The only thing I found a little hard to accept (and maybe I missed it, but I don’t think it was there, was

Did they foreshadow any of Toothless’s amazing ability at the end of the film, when he went all blue and glowy and opened a can of whoop-ass on the big dude? I don’t mind that he can do that (I love Toothless!) but it would have been nice to have it foreshadowed a bit. Maybe Hiccup’s mother unlocked that ability when she did that thing to his spines?

My favorite moment in the whole movie was a throwaway:

When somebody (don’t remember who) was whacking burning logs around and sending up ash and embers, and Toothless got up on his hind legs and batted at them like a kitten! :smiley: It’s very clear to me that Toothless’s animators love and are familiar with cats.

It’s funny when the dragons play like puppies, too.

[spoiler] I mean…he kinda did it to the big dude in the first movie. Granted it was igniting his own flame, but it was always shown that his shotgun blast of a flame was powerful. Chalk it up to when his mom said “all dragons have secrets” apparently “secrets” means holyshitpowerful

In a related note to that part, I loved how the look on Toothless’s face the whole time was just pure anger and fight.[/spoiler]

It was also nice to see that the big hunky dragon-hunter guy

didn’t become a romantic rival for anyone–I was expecting Astrid to be swayed by him, and was very glad when she wasn’t.

Hm, that went over my head too. I thought that character standing there referring to “the other thing” was a joke about:

He’s missing a leg, a hand…maybe he’s missing his dick as well. And there’s no way they’ll show that prosthesis!

I missed the reference to

Gobber’s sexual orientation. Anyone remember the exact words?

Saw the movie last night with my 13-year-old son, and we both liked it about as much as the first one. Great visuals, good cast, average story. The flying game with the sheep was fun. Exciting flying scenes generally. The little old lady in the village with the clinging flock of tiny dragons was cute. Couldn’t figure out who was doing the mom’s voice, then saw in the credits it was Cate Blanchett - ah! Didn’t like the alpha dragons; they looked more like some kind of reptilian mammoths or something. Sorry to see Stoick die, and to be so little-mourned at the end - and will Hiccup ever really be able to love Toothless in quite the same way again?

Funniest gag in the movie was the scrawny, acerbic blonde falling in and out of love with the buff dragoncatcher dude.

I guess the box office hasn’t been too good. We may never see a HTTYD3.

Well apparently one of the stipulations on writing the second movie was that he could make it a trilogy so I’m assuming that’s happening (maybe see another Night Fury?)

Also you spoiled something that’s not much of a spoiler, and unspoiled a pretty big spoiler…just saying. So answer your question:

Gobber says "That’s why I never married. That and one other (big? I can’t remember) reason

I have a cat who kinda looks like Toothless.

Is the film suitable for a 7 yo girl?

Me too! Mine’s a Russian Blue, so she’s kind of a “dilute Toothless,” but her face and mannerisms are very similar. She’s acquired a new nickname this weekend after we saw the movie. :slight_smile:

I thought it was fucking epic, almost symphonic. Slow enough to let you catch your breath in places, a screaming hell ride in others. Never noticed the gay angle on Gobber, if it was actually intended. Favourite parts of the movie was in fact the sheep game. The look on the sheeps face, when they are back to back watching out for the dragons.

The movie did ruin a perfectly good drinkig game, in the first movie , Astrid was forever punching Hiccup, and I expected no less in this movie, but…

Anyone over ten should be able to handle this movie, anyone under, your milage may vary.


I’ll have to be the lone dissenter and say I just didn’t care for it.
The first was such a tight story and every scene they made was enjoyable. In a kind of “well, this is going to be fun to watch” kind of way. I like the opening, I like Hiccup and Toothless in the grotto, I like the young viking training, I like the virgin flight, the reveal to Astrid, the reveal to everyone else, the final battle. It was just plain fun.
Part two just didn’t have much fun. It wanted to tell a bigger story but forget to make it enjoyable. Didn’t care about mom’s back story. Didn’t care about Drago’s back story. Nothing memorable about the battles. And the whole “must… not…be controlled… by… alpha… dragon” was kind of goofy. Not much makes me want to watch it again.

Depends on the girl.

It’s less fun/light/airy as the first movie, but it’s not super intense. There’s no language, no blood, the most grisly death in the movie is just implied by shocked faces, and the other death in the movie is sad/kind of a shock, so if she’s ok with people dying she’ll be fine.

I guess that being said the movie isn’t a death-fest by any stretch, I’m just picking and choosing a handful of scenes (out of 2 hour or whatever movie) that might be of some concern for a parent

I wondered if they chose to release this movie the weekend of Father’s Day because of the subplot about Hiccup becoming the new chieftain, and also Stoick’s death. Made me feel guilty I hadn’t contacted my dad yet. And everybody seemed to accept Hiccup (please tell me he really does have a proper name!) as their new chieftain without question.

It occurred to me that a third movie might be about Hiccup as chieftain and Astrid as his wife, and something happens to their kids.

And for all Hiccup’s talk about talking out a peaceful solution with Drago, it wasn’t resolved until Drago died, right?

The animation in these is just astounding. I grew up with Disney and the Flintstones and big black lines around everything. When Valka is petting Toothless, you can see how his body moves as he wiggles around and pants inside his flying harness. You can see the texture of his hide. Kids these days don’t know how good they have it!

He does! According to the HTTYD Wiki (yes, there is one!) it’s “Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III.” :smiley:

Wasn’t there something in the first movie about why they all have icky names (like Snotlout and Tuffnut and Gobber)? I remember there was, but I don’t remember what it was.

Okay, so the mighty chieftain and his wife have a son – a tiny blessing sent from Heaven! – who will surely be a credit to them and take over the clan some day – and they name him Hiccup (the Whatever Else)?? Come on, that’s a cutesy baby nickname. He was a cute little guy and he hiccupped, or he was a small baby and his father said, “Why, you call that little guy a Viking? He’s no more than a hiccup!” and everybody laughed and the name stuck, to the point that everyone has forgotten that his actual birth name is Erik or Harald or something.

I want to see his birth certificate! (Speaking of which, where does he get paper to make his maps and books? Paper is hard to make, and–) a35362 is run out of the thread

Thanks. Good point. They’ve made so much about Toothless’s rarity (even uniqueness?), I suspect the third movie will include the discovery that there are others of his breed out there.