How to turn off email announcements?

I’d like to discontinue email announcements for one particular thread only. How can I do this?

Post again to the thread without checking the email notification box.

I think TubaDiva said that was just turned back on after being off for a while. So some people will have forgotten they even clicked it because when they click on it the first time nothing happened.

E-mail notification of responses to a thread has never been turned off. The “e-mail this page to a friend” feature is, however, disabled since the potential for abuse is too high.

Anyway, Kelly, Gunslinger has answered your concerns correctly.

I turned on the “email to a friend” function.

If it gets abused again I will not only turn the function off, I will remove all traces of it from our system. But I want this to work for you folks, so let’s use it in the spirit in which it was intended.

your humble TubaDiva

FYI. Since it was so recent I didn’t think I’d have to look up the reference, but here it is. All of 2 days before I posted.
I started a thread, but…

So that’s what I was remembering. I don’t use the option because when I tried it once I was flooded with email.

Switch from AOL to MSN without removing the AOL adapters in network config. You won’t get ANY email.

I’ve tried posting to the thread in question (Cruchyfrog’s over in MPSIMS and unchecking the email notification box, but I still get notified. I’ll try it again, right here, right now. If you don’t hear from me again in this thread, you know it worked.

Turning off the notification here will have no effect on any other thread; it works on a per threadbasis. However, I found the post where you turned on e-mail notification and I have turned it off. I think.

This is not working. For example, I’d like to stop getting email notification of replies to this thread. I mean right here, this one. I know it won’t affect anywhere else, but for now, I don’t care. I’m typing this post, and I’m going to go to the bottom and remove the check from Email Notification, just like I did yesterday. Then I’ll post this reply, and I’ll bet I’ll get an email when somebody else posts, just like I did today.

So you want someone to post after you? I can do that.

Done. You should no longer be receiving notification of repiles to this thread. For your notebook, if you’d like this “feature” turned off for you at any time in the future, simpley e-mail one of the appropriate forum moderators with the title and/or link to the specific thread, and they’ll accomodate you.

You’re way ahead of me, Unc. And not for the first time today even.

your humble TubaDiva

So, to summarize here- it is not possible for an individual to turn off email announcements to a thread, once they’ve been activated.
Asking a moderator to do so seems unnecessarily bothersome to me.
I can’t believe I’m the only one that ever wanted to do this.