How to Use the "Report Post to Moderator" Function

There is a thread going on in IMHO with a suspicious OP, and when I hit the button to report her post to a moderator, I read that the uses for this function did not include reporting suspected trolls. Am I reading the disclaimer on this function correctly? What is the proper procedure for reporting a suspected troll to mods? An email to the moderator in charge of that forum?

The way it works - when you use “Report Post to Moderator”, it sends an e-mail to all the moderators for that forum. It includes in the e-mail a link to the thread, also a link to the post in that thread that you are reporting, and any comments you type in. This is a very useful feature and I would like to encourage posters to use it.
The only caveat is that the server sometimes “loses” e-mails (see the announcement “WHEN YOU DON’T GET THAT CONFIRMATION EMAIL”.) This may happen with a “Report Post to Moderator” message. Still, I think it’s much easier for a poster to use that feature than it would be to[ol][li]look up the e-mail addresses for all the moderators in that forum;[/li][li]copy and paste a link to the thread in your e-mail;[/li][li]and add an explanation.[/ol][/li]So if the choice is between using it or doing nothing, I would suggest to use it.

The case that you mention in the OP would be a perfectly acceptable reason to use the feature. The wording on the “Report Post” box is standard vBulletin wording, not modified by the SDMB.

Okay, that makes sense. So use the “report post to moderator” function whenever we feel there is something worthy of reporting to a moderator, then. Gotcha.

I guess we shouldn’t use it when we screw up our coding, eh? :slight_smile:

A: since our members are very diligent in the use of the Preview button, they never make vB coding errors.

You wanna bet? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it said ‘report pest to moderator’


No, no, no… if you want to eradicate pests and little creepy-crawly things, call the exterminator, not the moderators! :smiley:

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my question is…who do i report the moderators to?
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