How to write an asterisk? You know, a this — *

In a couple of recent posts like this I’ve tried using an * for a footnote but it gets changed to a dot. How can I write an * followed by an em dash — without it being changed into a dotted list?

Hmm, you have to click the linked post to see what happened.

Try a backslash \ first.

* -

I should add, the backslash is generally the escape character to Discourse auto-formatting.

Lemme try:

I regret that I have only one * for my country.

The only time I’ve seen an * become a bullet is when it’s the leading character on the line and there’s a space after it.

*If I don’t have a space between the asterisk and the sentence, it’s an asterisk.

  • If I do have a space, it’s a bullet.

* With a leading backslash like WE suggests, it works no matter what.

* — thanks What_Exit!