How warm/hot can rain be, in nature?

Water rain, on this planet, of course.

I was just wondering, as I’ve always lived in an area that pretty much only gets rain in winter. That, and I know jack about meteorology.

But, in other climates, is rain ever noticibly warm, or even hot? (If not boiling hot, obviously.)

When I lived in Singapore, the rain was pleasantly warm. I almost didn’t mind getting wet (when the wind was calm).

Yep, if it’s hot and humid all the way down from the clouds, there will be very little evaporation, so the drops shouldn’t cool off much. It happened back in Florida quite a bit when I lived there.

I was at the Grand Canyon late last August and a hurricane came up from Baja. Not cold at all despite the elevation. Very cool fog effect, but it cancled my helicopter ride to the canyon. :frowning: