It's soo hot...

I actually put ice in my whiskey. :eek:
It’s just the heat and humidity. It’s the fact that it pogoes up and down all day, depending on whether or not a thunderstorm is coming through. We just went from 104°and sunny to absolutely pouring down rain and a drop to 94°. Now the rain has stopped completely and the temperature is edging back up. And the thunderstorms are driving the cats loco. Pixel has gone manic and Havoc has gone catatonic. I will be very happy when cooler weather gets here.

It’s so hot I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both on fire.

It’s so hot I saw a raccoon boiling a robin in a birdbath.

I remember one time it was so hot that a field of corn strarted popping. The popped corn flew over a fence and fell on a moron who thought it was snowing and lay down and froze to death! Now that’s hot!

Actually, it’s about 60ºF here now, and has been raining for half an hour. The weather up here is one of the big reasons I left SoCal.

It’s atypically miserable here even for Southern California, and unfortunately I came back from bloody miserable Arizona just in time for this meteorological nonsense. Fortunately, I’m spending the day at a very generous friend’s house (while she’s off at work) with air conditioning, a pool, and a cat. The downside it that I’ve gone through most of my reading material, am tired of chess, and forgot just how cheezy The Greatest American Hero is, so now I need to decide whether to watch Seance on a Wet Afternoon or The Battle For Algiers. My life is so rough.

silenus, the heat is no reason to ruin good whiskey. (I’m assuming that we’re not taking about J&B here, which could only be improved by adding ice, cola, or molasses.) Switch to gin & tonic or a gimlet on the rocks and save the whiskey for nightfall.


I got a nice summer cold just in time for the start of the heat wave. So not only was it ridiculously hot, I was also running a fever. I’ve since broken the fever, and since then, I’ve been on a steady diet of popsicles, and have been lying on the couch watching the Dirty Jobs marathon. Thank god for central AC.

I came home from work at 5 on Friday and didn’t leave the house until Monday at 8, that’s how hot Fresno is. And it rained off and on all Friday. In Fresno. I wore a wildly inappropriate dress because it was going to be 108. One of my co-workers said it looked like I was ready to go to Newport. It was too hot to wonder what the hell she meant. I think she had heat stroke. It was too hot to kill her. That’s how hot it was.

I only have a swamp cooler, so it’s 50% humidity and 90 degrees in my house during the day. Oddly, it only gets worse when I turn the freakin’ thing off. And I’m down to my last Optimator. If no one sees my inane postings tomorrow, I’ve probably died of a combination of humidity and beer deprivation.

jakeline, doesn’t watching Mike Rowe all day just make it hotter? :smiley: Feel better soon.

Too hot for sex!!! :smiley:

Yeah, that little feat wouldn’t be possible without the popsicles and central AC. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just him? ::fans herself delicately::

I got home yesterday afternoon to a house that was 102 inside and no central AC. I got the fan and compressor running and it started to come down.
I just woke up to no AC compressor and a house that is 89 degrees. I checked the breaker for the compressor, but it’s fine.
Further investigations will have to wait until light.

You folks in So. Cal don’t know what hot is. :smiley:

How hot is it in Dubai? It’s been 105-110 the past few days at my house.

When the weather’s hot and sticky
Ain’t no time for dunkin’ dickie
When the frost is on the ‘punkin’
That’s the time for dickie-dunkin’!

Didn’t I hear something about rolling brown outs?

My heart goes out to all of you.
I had to close the window last night, it got a little chilly. (of course, keeping the thunder storm outside was part of the reason.)

It’s still raining this morning, but it’s supposed to clear up pretty soon. Then we’ll be sunny and 70° again.

Come on up, I’ll make Lemonade.

This summer in Georgia I once again resorted to iced beer. Yup, beer on ice. Don’t knock it until the highs are in the hundreds and it’s still 94 at 11 PM.