How was Captain America brought bacK? Spoil me please

I know Steve Rogers was shot and killed a few years ago, and I know he was recently brought back. What happened? How was he brought back to life?

the gun that shot him wasn’t your average gun, and instead “froze him in space and time” from where he sunsequently was ‘unstuck’

Basically, he got better.

Icebergs. Lots of icebergs.

Wow, that’s incredibly stupid.

Wrong Captain America revival.

Red, white and blue whoosh.

Twas only a flesh wound.

Some times when reading the convoluted “event” storylines for comic books these days, I kind of wish the characters would just wake up in their beds and say “Wow! It was all just a dream!”

I kept an eye on the story and he was brought back within 3 months or something, although there was a replacement Cap nearly instantaneously.

…huh… your eye was wandering sir.

Cap was dead real time for a couple of years.

2 and a half years to bring Steve back - and 6 months to have Bucky replace him.

Hell, the Reborn storyline that actually brought him back, lasted 6 months.

He was only Slightly Dead

So… why’d the dude who shot him use a fancy “time and space” gun, and not just a regular gun that shoots normal bullets?

For that matter, who shot him?

His old lover (and niece of an even older lover) Sharon Carter, aka Agent 13, while under the hypnotic command of one Doctor Faustus (an associate of Red Skull), via a gun designed by Doctor Doom. Apparently Red Skull planned on taking over his mind, so he could lead the Avengers, and assumedly cause mayhem.

Isn’t Wikipedia grand?[sup][citation needed][/sup]

They had a much better explanation in place–that the Neil Gaiman story 1602, wherein Cap was sent back in time under almost identical circumstances, was now canon. I will never understand why they used this suckfest instead.

Big Averngers fan years ago. Had the original where they found Capt A. Getting shot on the courthouse steps was a lousy way for Cap to go but they should’ve left him dead.

A more interesting story would have been the discovery of a son, or a clone from some forgotten experiment that was Steve Rodgers but not the original. Haven’t followed comics in years but the whole “oh he wasn’t really dead” thing gets old.
It’s amazing how popular Cap was during WWII A million copies a month.

I swear, if I ever end up writing a comic, and I need to bring a dead character back to life, I’m just going to have someone drag the body to doctor Frankenstein’s old lab and zap it with a few million volts. The revived character would spend at least a few issues afterwards with big bolts sticking out of their neck.

Thet pretty much did just that with Frank Castle(The Punisher)-in fact, he is called “Frankencastle” now.

Hmmm…you know what that means, of course?

Themed summer megacrossover event! :smiley:

(Hey, it couldn’t be any stupider than One More Day.)