How we've teased our pets

Every pet owner must have done something like this, playing “mind games,” so to speak, with a pet.
My little brother had a gun that shot a gentle puff of air, no more, no less. We used to annoy our big cat with it.
When a pigeon visited, I set him on a record turntable and switched it on. He revolved for a few minutes. :smiley:
We would call our big dog Zipper from another room, and hide; when he came into the room he would stop and look around as if to ask, “Where are you?”
Post here funny but harmless tricks you’ve pulled on your pet–any kind of animal. :slight_smile:

Playing with your cat with a laser beam (easy to do now that cheap laser pointers are here) is a good trick.

A few years ago we gave some friends a book called “costumes for your cat” (or something like that). One of the cstumes was “The Backwards-Walking Elephant”. To make this, you simply slip a sock over your cat’s head.

Those of you who own cats should nw be laughing hysterically. The rest of you should be scratching your heads.

For me the funniest part was when I told my wife about this. She laughed, then said, “Oh, that’s cruel.” Then she said, “If you do this with our cats, let me know first.”

Cats LOVE masking tape on their feet. And down their spine. Don’t ask me how I know this. I’d never do such a thing to my cats.

We used to make the “flick” motion at our boy dog - didn’t have to actually touch him (kind of hurts), just had to make the flick! near him. He would get this look of horror on his face. I don’t know why it bothered him so much
Also, one time we all went out, and upon return walked in and saw a big poop right in the middle of the living room. Our girl dog (who was known to have a problem with this behavior) was standing nearby. We all started scolding her for being such a bad girl. She looked confused and embarrassed and then ran away to hide. I went to get some paper towels to clean it up, and I was wondering why there was no smell … it was because it was a fake poop - my sister’s boyfriend had played a trick on both us and the dog. No wonder she was confused - she knew we were yelling at her for doing a Bad Thing but she didn’t remember doing it. Poor pup - we had to shower her with kisses and extra-special love for the next few days.

All I have to do is blow a puff of air in my mom’s dog’s face. It drives her insane! She keeps trying to eat the air.

The only downside is when you get a dog tongue in your mouth. :frowning:

Feeding a dog peanut butter is also a great way to while away some boring hours.

I’ve been known to take my cat and spin her really fast on the linolium floor in the kitchen. Watching a cat walk sideways is a hoot.

Gad, I feel evil right now!

As mentioned, laser pointers are a blast.

My cats go straight up walls 8 feet high chasing the red dot.

10 feet after catnip.

Ice cubes on tile always worked for our sheltie/mini husky mix. Keep her occupied for hours. (“I don’t understand - it keeps getting away, even when it’s in my mouth!” - dog’s expression. No, CF, she doesn’t talk. :D)

Reaching out with a curled hand and grabbing my mom also used to drive the dog insane.

We used to push down (gently) on my friend’s cat’s head, then yank our hands away quickly and hide them behind our backs. Drove him nuts, at least until he figured out that ankles are attached to hands…

Draping a towel over the dog’s head. Any dog. Also the “static shock treatment” (which is even funnier when neither the human nor the dog expect it)

We used to keep the dogs outside when we were gone for any length of time; my mother used to hide on top of the washing machine while we let the dogs in. “Her” dog would tear around the house looking for her. Mom never needed to say a word. Oddly, the dog never did this when Mom wasn’t in the group that came home.

My son used to get more use out of his fishing pole teasing the cats than he did fishing. And then there was the streamer hanging from the ceiling fan trick. That one ended quickly as the fan was located over my bed. It’s threads like this that make me miss having pets.

There’s a certain way to say my dog’s name – sort of low and drawn out – that will make her howl, which is always good for a laugh, at least until the neighbors complain.

Something that amuses me and is a treat for her is to smear some peanut butter on her nose. She puts her head down and licks her nose repeatedly, walking slowly around the room as she follows her nose, which for some reason never gets any closer.

If she’s laying on the bed and you reach under the covers and goose her, she snarls and seriously tries to bite your hand – like she thinks theres an animal under there or something. I don’t do that often because she really hates it. But the other two are inflicted on her fairly regularly.

I love my dog. :slight_smile:

So whats the downside???
As you might know if you read my other thread last week my cat got hit by a car… he’s going to be ok now but his tail has to be amputated later in the week.

I got this very evil thought to keep it and turn it into one of those dangling cat toys for him to bat at later… L or a chew toy for my dogs… hehe… thats evil!

when my dog could see we used to call him and then show him a doggie treat then we pretend to toss it behind him and let him snuffle around for it. now that he’s blind we either play wheelbarrow, where he’s the wheel barrow or he pretends to be a pig being taken off to the imu to be steamed…we have yet to perfect “Rocky as a hulihuli chicken”…

My dog gets so excited when I ask him slowly, in a particular, goofy tone, “Do you wanna go for a walk?”

Sometimes I’ll ask him that while we’re walking. I think it blows his mind.

When I was a kid we had a parakeet that liked to ride around on the back of our small dog. The dog would look so forlorn about it, but accept it grudgingly.

Then one day I lost my parakeet when somebody left the back door to the house open and my dog went outside, parakeet on back.

It must have looked around after a while and realized it was free.

You know those cheap plastic mesh laundry baskets? I used to put my cat underneath upside-down ones. I thought it was really funny, because after about fifteen minutes or so, he would just start walking anyway and you’d see what appeared to be an ambulatory laundry hamper moving all over the house. Heh heh.

My sister kiffa used to pretend to choke me and that would drive our dog Hilaire crazy. It got to the point that I could choke myself and she’d go nuts.

We’d also play hide-and-seek with Hilaire at the elementary school. I’d hold her at a corner of a building and kiffa would go down the hall and sneak around the corner and come up behind me. I’d let Hilaire go and she’d race around the school looking for kiffa (she wouldn’t do that for me, hmph). We’d see her zooming past the halls, fur flying, racing around corners like a cartoon. Sometimes she got bored with us and went home.

With Kita, Ursula, and Kulta, I’d very gently tickle the hairs between their toes. They could be watching patiently, and then all of a sudden their legs would go boing! and spazz out. god I miss these pups.

Here’s a trick for those of you who own highly-strung dogs such as Westies or Yorkies. If you see your dog “running” while lying down half-asleep, shout its name. Simple, but effective.

When I did that with our Westie while it was half-asleep on the sofa, it fell on the floor in shock, then proceeded to look around the room as if to say “Who said that? Who woke me up? What am I doing on the floor? etc.”

Another trick for highly-strung dogs is to put a toy or some food just out of its reach. Hours of fun!

Greyson3: We do that with our ferrets. Poor ferrets.

They’re also about the right size to be put inside one of my husband’s socks, headfirst. Presto, instant live sock puppet!

One of ours goes after stuffed animals and we had to put a couple special ones on a dresser high enough so that she couldn’t grab them off and chew them up. When I’m feeling really mean I pick her up high enough that she can see them, and then set her on the floor again. She spends a good 5 minutes (extent of ferret’s attention span) trying to climb the dresser.

And they luuuuve red licorice. We can get them to do some pretty silly stuff for red licorice.

I am currently in the middle of a combination dog-communication / psycholical warfare on my little Daisy-Bob. It is my assertation that dogs respond more to the tone of your voice than your actual words. So when I get home from work, I greet her with a nice little ear-scratch while saying, in very soothing tones, “Hello, DaisyBob, you worthless little canine idiot. You are so stupid, yes you are. Who’s the ugliest dog on the planet?”
She wags her tail like a maddog, and licks me like I was made of Milk Bones.
Conversely, when she sticks her nose in the trash, I yell, loudly, at her, “DaisyBob, you’re the greatest dog in the world. No trash for you, you beautiful canine specimen.” She fairly leaps away from the can.

So far, my theory is holding up.

The other admittedly cruel thing I do to her is this:
Usualy my wife and I go out to breakfast every Saturday morning at Squat N Gobble. They have an outdoor seating arrangement so we always bring DaisyBob with us. And she knows this. Every Saturday morning, DaisyBob goes bonkers when she sees us putting our shoes on. I grab her leash, dangle it front of her and say, “Where do you think you’re going? Come on, get in your crate. We’ll be back in a few hours.”
She hasn’t bought it once, though. She just stares at me as if to say, “You’re not fooling anyone, now put my goddamned leash on me and let’s go.”

Oops. psycholical warfare = psychological warfare.

Any other typos … you’re on your own.

Yesterday I was with my two-year-old niece. At one point, I started the old “…What does a cat say?”


“What does a dog say?”


“What does a cow say?”


“What does a horsie say?”


Then I pulled my ringer.

“What does an aardvark say?”

Oh, the look she gave me was priceless.

I used to own a pair of Mickey Mouse slippers–the kind that had huge Mickey heads on the top of the foot–for some reason, these slippers drove my dog nuts, because he thought they were some kind of an animal. I would put these on, and sneak up on him while he was lying down–then start dancing. Poor thing, never could figure out which one to attack first.

Came home one day, and realized that I had left the slippers in the bathroom, as I found nothing but little pieces of Mickey scattered around the house.