How/Where can I search for specific video news stories?

I’ve spent more than a month now trying to track down a 1 or 2 minute long video segment that I distinctly recall seeing on some major historical documentary relating to 9/11 and the GW Bush administration’s pre-9/11 history regarding al Queda. I’ve asked about it here and on a few other boards, but no one was able to help me find it again.

So rather than just bump my old OP on that specific issue, I thought it made more sense for this and future issues to ask instead for suggestions for good places to search or ask others to help with finding that kind of general news/doc segment. I’ve performed many thousands of Google searches – including Google Image and Video searches – but I just can’t find what I’m looking for.

If I could afford Lexis/Nexus, that might help, but the cost is too high, at least until I can come up with enough additional information to construct a more specific search query.

Anyone have any suggestions for such search-aiding sites?