How will my computer be messed up come Monday?

Well, we’ve been warned that this weekend the much anticipated/threatened Outlook 2007 will be downloaded onto our compuiters here at work.

I’ve made no secret around here that I HATE it when I go to use a computer and the exact same thing I’ve done for years results in a different outcome. Basically all I need is word processing, adobe acrobat, microsoft outlook for e-mails, and web access.

So, who wants to predict how my computer will work (or not work) differently come next week?

(Taking Monday off to drive one kid down to school, which I hope gives them time to work through at least a couple of the hiccups that always seem to accompany such changes.)

For one, expect to send a lot of premature emails - Outlook 2007 (at least on my system at work) puts the “Send” button right in the same postion that the “To” button used to be on Outlook 2000. So until I got used to it, when I’d go to add recipients to a new email, I’d send a blank email with only a subject line, or a reply with no actual reply.

Otherwise, Outlook uses the same “ribbon” concept that the rest of Office uses - at first, I hated it, but I’ve gotten used to it.

Good luck!

Eek! I just realized what this thread is about!

I think I’m going to take the whole week off - and maybe start drinking again! :stuck_out_tongue:

So it uses the same ribbon concept, huh? Sounds great! Now, if you don’t mind, what’s a ribbon?

Asked the mods to close this, in light of that Put thread.
Now I have a headache.

Is done.