Office 2007 (Outlook, specifically)

We just had 2007 drop in our office this morning, and people aren’t happy (of course - they’re *never *happy!). I’ve had 2007 at home for a couple years, and can manage well enough. However, I don’t use Outlook at home. It took me about 45 seconds to find the “Send” button…

I’m really liking having an integrated calendar and tasks on my main message page. But other than that, everything just looks shinier. It’s been all of 50 minutes I’ve spent with it, so…

What should I be aware of?
Any cool features it does that the previous version didn’t?
Any crappy features I should avoid?

Doesn’t really have a GQ answer, so I’ve moved the thread to IMHO.

The calendaring is a bit nicer. Overall though, Outlook got only a touch-up for 2007. I’m don’t know whether Microsoft just didn’t have the budget to do more, or made a conscious decision to not upset the entire word by drastically altering their Outlook at the same time as Excel & Word.

When you switch to 2010 though, it gets the full ribbon-based makeover. And a bunch of other functional coolitude. My favorite is keeping all the parts of the typical mixed up group email multi-reply-to-some-not-all-then-forward-the-forwarded-parts-again-sometimes-with-changing-attachements mess all grouped together automatically.

We’ve been on 2010 for a few months now (beta test) and it’s darn nice. It goes fully public for sale in (IIRC) May. And no, I don’t work for them.

When you’re looking at your mailbox, you don’t see the ribbon, although you do when you open a new message, calendar item, contact or task.

One of the things I like about Outlook 2007 is the out-of-office settings. You can now set separate out-of-office replies for internal vs external emails, rather than just one blanket reply for all emails.