How will they execute Saddam?

Call it a wild hunch, but I’m guessing that when Saddam Hussein goes to trial for crimes against humanity, he’s going to be found guilty, and sentenced to death.

But my question is…what method are the Iraqis likely to use when they kill him? Hanging? Decapitation? Firing squad? And would it likely be public, or private? Televised, even?

And, again, this is a question about a factual matter; not a debate on the death penalty or the Iraq war, and not a suggestion thread for how Saddam should be killed.

Repeated viewings of the South Park movie (and later episodes featuring SH) should be enough to induce a stroke or heart failure! :smiley:

3 hanged as Iraq resumes death penalty enforcement, September 2, 2005

I’m betting on the long odds:

I say he returns to power.

I say the same way Hoffa died. I.e., one day he’s there, the next he’s not.

AFAICT, he’ll still be alive when the Battle of the Sects/Minorities/Parties is over. The winner of that melee, even if an old time Baathist lackey, will make Saddam go away ASAP.

And that’ll be that.

I’m a bit perplexed as to why he has not been executed, or at least overtly tried yet, as an example of true regime change in Iraq. What’s the holdback? Anyone understand the true mechanics of this, both in Iraq and the US??

His first (and maybe last) trial will start Wednesday.