How would having a three-day weekend every week change your life?

The reason I ask is because I do. I feel much freer. On Saturday, I realize that after two days off, I still have another to go. Also, if I want to go out of town, three days is like a mini-vacation. Sometimes I have a four day weekend, like once a month or so. That is heaven on earth.

This seems to me to be a no brainer, but some people would really rather work. I know people like this. Of course, they make more money than I do.

I’ve been getting 3 day weekends for a couple years now. It’s great, I love it. I can plan a mini vacation without taking any days off, or I can stay home and work around the house knowing I have 3 days to finish a project, instead of 2.

And then next year, I’ll start getting a full 8 hours annual leave per pay period (2 weeks), so that’ll mean I’ll get nearly a full day off every other week.

The only down side to my schedule is having to work from 6 am till 4:30 pm. My gym doesn’t open up till 5 am, so I don’t really have time before work to get in a workout. And then after working 10 hours, I’m too tired to go to the gym.

For a semester in college, I had four-day weekends every week, with the occasional five- or even six-day weekends sometimes. They say youth is wasted on the young – I say long weekends are wasted on the young.

So much I coulda gotten done . . .

I’m going to be working a 7 on/7 off schedule. Every other week will be a vacation for me. Woo!

Next semester, I won’t have any classes on Fridays, though I probably will still have to work for a few hours. My hope is that I’ll be motivated to get some homework done then, rather than putting it off until Sunday (like I’m doing right now). It should also be a chance to catch up on sleep that I lost during the week.

Well, I might start dreaming of a four-day weekend.

A three day weekend? May I hurt you? :slight_smile:

I get 1 day weekends. I have lectures and supervisions on saturdays.

A three-day weekend would be terrible. I’d much prefer to keep my current, four-day weekend. :smiley:

:: stretches luxuriantly ::

Ahh… the life of a graduating uni student!

Another 4 days on 3 off guy checking in. Working 10 hour shifts (graves) kinda drags but I love my 3 day weekends. In the past (working 5 & 2’s} when I got back on Monday, it just didn’t feel like enough time off. 3 days, however, seems perfect & I’m actually ready to come back to work.

I work 5 and 2’s and it’s just not right. Ever since I entered the real working world, I’ve wondered why a 4/3 system is not in place? Honestly, I think people would be much more productive in their jobs if they could work less days. I know I would! Being trapped in a cubicle for 5 days out of 7 is just not how we’re meant to go through our lives…and it doesn’t inspire diligent work in the very least.

You cannot measure my jealousy of your situation. What do you do if you don’t mind me asking? And, are there any openings? :slight_smile:

Sounds like you work for the federal government too. I switched to the 4/40 plan myself in January. Of course, right now we’ve got overtime available, so I usually end up working on Saturdays anyway for the extra money. But it is nice knowing I’ve got every Friday off.
I did have to quit the health club at work (same reasons you give above), which is not helping my alleged weight-loss program.

I do find the ten-hour workdays a bit more tiring, but getting to sleep late an extra day make up for it.

Fact is, if people had another day of weekend, they would only spend it wasting away instead of doing what they really wanted to do. Then they’d bitch and moan about having to work A WHOLE 4 days a week. If they only had ONE more day of rest they’d finally be able to achieve true enlightenment!

I used to work a 3/12 work week. I worked 12 hour days Saturday through Monday.

I loved it. 4 days off every week. I used to go camping and water skiing put-near every week. Stress-free!!!

I work for the State, and there has been talk about switching back to this kind of schedule. One lady at work still has 10 hr. 4-day weeks. She’s been there forever, and apparently got her schedule set back when they had 4 day weeks. And they can’t take her schedule away from her. The rest of us envy her SO much.

We get paid so poorly, so the bosses are trying to figure out ways to attract employees. (God Forbid they just give us a raise.) They have talked (but talk is cheap) about the using 4 day week as a way of getting more people. I sure hope they do it. The pay is shitty, (but the benefits are great). Having 3 day weekends would REALLY help. I would take mini-vacations (just to get the Hell outta Hooterville) and I could get more of my own stuff done.

I used to work 4/10 and loved it. Found that I spent more money though having the extra day off (it wasn’t really an extra day as I was putting in 40 hours a week anyway). I liked having one weekday off so that I could make doctor, dentist, hair, etc., appointments rather than taking the frowned-upon time off work.

My company determined that absenteeism went down a bit with the revised work schedule.