Why don't we just be done w/the charade and make it a 4 day weekend?

Ever notice how empty the office is on the Friday before a three-day weekend?

Maybe I’m bitching 'cause I’m stuck here, but still…

If it were a four-day weekend, then the vacation people would take five-day weekends. We’d still have to deal with empty offices for at least one day.

Yeah, the board’s kinda empty, too. I’m looking forward to checking in with Kelli and Ike and all the rest on Tuesday–but I am NOT looking forward to Tuesday!

There’s a few of us in the computer profession who despise 3-day weekends. For example, we are finishing up a 3-year project this weekend that culminates with our shutting off our mainframe computer for good. And then Tuesday, after a 72-hour shift, the boss will say “you look a little tired. Why don’t you take a couple hours off.” I HATE computers.

Due to the fact that the 600+ chrysanthemums at my store aren’t going to water themselves, I have a zero day weekend. Three days of zero water and 90° heat makes for a lot of dead plants.

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Starting today, I am on an approximately 10-week long weekend. Sort of. Well, I won’t be leaving my house to go to work, anyway. Maternity leave. I’m due in October, but I chose to leave early. But work was getting to be too stressful, and as a result, when I would get home, I would want to do nothing. So, I have nothing ready for this new baby. I had to leave, or my kid would have been sleeping in a cardboard box next to his sister’s bed.