"No long Fourth of July weekend for YOU!"

July 4th is on a Tuesday this week, and we just got an e-mail from Mr. Boss saying we’d be closed on July 4th but open on Monday the 3rd. Everyone else is a bit more pissed-off about this than I am; “Ah gots noplace to go,” and really, we are a business with clients who will need us on the 3rd, so I’m no more than very mildly miffed, if that.

Who else here in the U.S. is working on the 3rd–or for that matter, the 4th?

I am, Eve. The other people have the Monday and Tuesday off, but one of us has to work, and I drew the short straw.

Can’t post from work. Will think of you. That’s a promise.

I’ll be working. I could have asked for the day off but I’m taking a couple of weeks later in the year.

You’ll be thinking of me while cutting open dead bodies? That’s so . . . sweet . . . or scary . . .

I’m working the 3rd. However, I’m apparently the only one in the office working that day aside from one of our managers (we have a small office), and I’m not even sure if she’s coming in, so I’ll be playing some showtunes a little louder than normal and playing around online most of the day.

There’s been talk of our regional VP giving us the 3rd off, but nothing’s come from the affiliate office just yet, so I’m assuming on working that day. Honestly, it’s not a huge deal…we didn’t have plans for the weekend or anything, so coming to work isn’t a problem.


I work in government. We have Tuesday off. That’s it. I’m sure lots of people will make a long weekend of it, but I’ll be at work. Not a biggie for me. (I’ll probably get lots done, which I desperately need.)


I’ll be working on the 3rd. My company deals almost exclusively in international trade. In fact, our busiest day is Monday. Our clients in the Middle East have been working on Saturday and Sunday, sending us emails with requests for business, so on Monday we have a lot of catching up to do. Friday is our only slow day since those clients are closed then.

I’ll be working the 3rd. In fact, it will be my first day back from vacation. Although the 10 days off, work 1 day, off 1 day sort of works for me.

We’re open - apparently there is some Federal Reserve rule that financial institutions can’t be closed 4 days in a row. I only get 2 weeks of vacation, and I’m saving up my days for something good. The 3rd should be dead quiet, though - lots of people will take off, so it will be a good day to get stuff done without interruptions. And they’ll probably let us leave early.

I’m working the third. I work in a hospital and though I work a Monday-Friday, standard schedule, we typically don’t get any extra days off aside from around Thanksgiving and Christmas. People are surprised when I call them to remind them of appointments set for Good Friday, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, etc., saying, “I assumed it was a mistake and you’d be closed.” Nope, no “bank holiday” schedule for us, and certainly no super-long weekends around most holidays in situations like this.

well, if I work the third, I’ll be here on the fourth (being overnights…)

I probably will be back in on the night of the fourth as well…

damn this poor college stuff

I will be working the 3rd, and the 4th. (Come to think of it, I will be working the 1st, and 2nd, too.)

I will be off on the 5th, and sixth, though. Unless someone calls in sick, 'cause I’m on call both days.

We really do stay open 24/7/365, except on leap years, when it’s 24/7/366.

I get an extra 8 hours of leave for the 4th. If the weenies in Richmond decide to take a day off on Monday, they have to give me eight more for that day.

It’s all part of why I have over three hundred hours of leave accumulated. And I just got back from five weeks off in April.

So, sparkle some for me, Eve.


I will be toiling away from July 1 through July 6. That translates to: Once again, I work on my birthday." I will get time and a half for the Fourth though.

I’ll be working July 3.

I’ll be teaching a summer course here at my university, and it starts on that day. We have the first class, then have the next day off.

Servers need tending 24/7. They’ll probably be just fine, but we need people on hand. I just started work last week, so while most of the staff has asked for it off and got it, I don’t feel comfortable asking for time off so soon.

I’m off. The office will be open, but we’ve been given the option of taking our floating holiday either Monday or at Christmas, and I chose Monday. I know some people will be in, including the new underling I just hired, whose first day will be the previous Friday – when I’ll be out of town. Better hope my sidekick doesn’t poison her mind against me during those two days.

We’re a federal office here, so no official holiday on the 3rd. Since I’m not going anywhere for the weekend, I’ll probably come in on that Monday, but I fully expect this building to be a ghost town, with only a handful of other people around (like the Friday after Thanksgiving always is).

I’m working the 3rd. We’re getting ready to move, and I have very little vacation time available, so I can’t waste any…

No holiday the 3rd here either. Not sure If I’m taking a vacation day or not.


I’m working the 3rd and the 4th - no American holiday’s for me. I usually don’t get to take the Chinese one’s either. Oh the joys of working in a global group. There’s someone somewhere that needs something 24/7/365