Do You Work on the Day After Thanksgiving?

Poll incoming…

So some in this thread are shocked that people have to work the day after Thanksgiving. Since we had this argument last year too, I thought a poll to settle it once and for all was in order.

And if you want to post where you work (or the type of job you have) to give a more detailed idea of who works and who doesn’t, that’d be great.

Working at a grocery store for the time being. Worked the day before, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after.
Why yes, it has been a little slice of hell this past week.

I work in a public library and I will be opening the doors at 10 AM tomorrow for all the people who think “Nobody works on Black Friday.”

Worked the last 3 Thanksgivings in a row. Of course, that’s because I’ve lived outside North America since 2007. Oh no wait, I didn’t work Thanksgiving 2008. I was back in the States waiting for my residence permit for Sweden to come through. Back to work tomorrow.

Yes. At my job only Thanksgiving day is observed as an actual holiday. The day after is just another friday. I chose to work Thanksgiving, hoping I would have a schedule that would get me done early (working it gives me 2.5x pay that day!). Unfortunately I ended up with a late shift. The following day is going to be late too, unfortunately.

Right now the money is too critical to pass up, especially given that Xmas day and New Years day (also paid holidays for us) are on Saturdays. Since I have Saturdays off, I can’t work those days and get the holiday pay, I only get +8 hours for that week.

I could have had it off but I picked up some overtime doing some maintenance at the facility where I am employed. The plant is officially shut down but we’ll have about a third of the staff cleaning, doing repair work and scheduled maintenance for time-and-a-half.

I work for a state agency and it is not a holiday the day after Thanksgiving. Many, if not most, people take the day off but it requires using a vacation or furlough day. But I don’t for several reasons: I am relatively new and I want to build a bank of vacation time, there is almost nobody in the office and I can get some stuff done and generally have a nice quiet day for a change, and five days straight of the kids and family time in the house would drive me nuts.

I don’t now, but I did for seven years.

I don’t even get time and a half on T-day. Y’all who do are lucky. :frowning:

My previous jobs I never worked the day after as the customer base( courier and beverage delivery-last two jobs) didn’t work or get deliveries the day after.

Now, I coach high school cross country and this year the boys’ team and one girl made the California State meet so the head coach and I are driving them down to Fresno on Friday.

I work in a hospital. Seems the patients insist on being sick no matter what day it is.

Yes, but I get paid extra. It’s a holiday for most employees, but my job is in 24/7 ops. I work any holiday that’s falls on a scheduled work day and don’t otherwise arrange to take off.

I worked in hotels so I’ve always worked holidays. When I was the IT manager it was great as the day after Thanksgiving, I could get a ton of work done, as all the sales and admins were off and not bugging me.

My employer deals with it by “observing” Columbus Day on the day after Thanksgiving. Likewise, we “observe” Presidents Day on Dec. 31.

I know. Selfish bastards.

The blood bank never closes. I’ve had to work Thanksgiving before. And Christmas. In the hospital, it’s just another day.

I do work, but there won’t be much to do and we’ll likely close a few hours early.

for the first time in more than 15 years I’m working for a company (private country club) that’s open on the Friday after Thanksgiving so yes, I’ll be working.

But I’m thinking it’ll be a slow day. We’ll have turkey for lunch :slight_smile:

I don’t, but my husband and daughter do.

I work for a pretty big company, Thursday and Friday are vacation days.

Ahem. As one of the people being referred to in the previous thread, I would just like to say that I was not “shocked” that people have to work on Black Friday, just “mildly surprised.” In my most recent office job, it was a small company, and they didn’t have official holidays off. We had to make a vacation request for any day we wanted off, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Now I’m a freelancer so I’m either always off or never off, depending on how you look at it. :stuck_out_tongue: