How would the Zombie Apocalypse change your Show?

So many questions…
[li]Does the soul stay in the zombie at death? [/li][li]Will a zombie de-animate if a reaper removes the soul? [/li][li]Does the soul “rot” into a graveling if left in the zombie? [/li][li]Is the Zombie Apocalypse a result of a problem with the reapers themselves? [/li][li]Did the gravelings cause it somehow?[/li][li]How would people respond to the reapers on Halloween, when normal people can see the appearance the reapers had in life?[/li][li]The reapers themselves have physical bodies and can be hurt–can they be infected, or will their healing ability stop the zombification? What would a zombified reaper be like, anyway? [/li][li]What kind of psychological scars would a reaper carry around after recovering from being eaten by zombies?[/ul][/li]Actually, that could make for a hell of a show in its own right.

I guess the Fisher family in Six Feet Under would have to find a new line of work.

I guess we should define our terms. What kind of zombies are we talking about? Given a choice, I’ll always go with the George Romero Classic Zombie Apocalypse: happens everywhere; everybody who dies becomes a zombie, etc.

Well, on “Boston Legal”, the other lawyers might finally appreciate Denny Crane’s arsenal.

It’s always iffy combining two different mythologies. (Especially when one of them is incomplete; I don’t think the writers of “Dead Like Me” ever really figured out themselves how things worked in the world of the show.)

Veronica Mars could do an entire season about a relatively small-scale zombie outbreak, with Veronica and her dad investigating in their own ways to find out who was responsible for the outbreak. No doubt that at least one of Veronica’s ex-boyfriends will turn into a zombie (I’m betting on Duncan, he’d make a pretty good zombie) and Keith Mars would, of course, go around being a short chubby badass like he always does. :cool:

How I Met Your Mother might have the “Present Day” portions take place in a basement bunker rather than the narrator’s living room, with survival supplies and weapons stacked up against the wall. Barney would thrive in the way that only he can thrive in screwed up situations (Zombie chicks: The New Half-Asian Chicks!), and somehow I’m seeing Marshall as being turned into a Zombie, but still pretty much just being Marshall. Lilly will continue to be insane and put-me-into-a-diabetic-coma cute-sexy. Robin, being Robin, will be reporting on it on Metro One News before becoming an accomplished zombie-hunter, smoking expensive cigars while taking zombies down with a shotgun.

Coupling Not sure, except that I’m certain Jeff will have some utterly tasteless and hilarious thing to say about zombie sex.

Top Gear would have some great new challenges, can you turn a 1980s people mover into an amphibious APC for the school run in London, all for under £1k. Zombie Stig will have to take them for a power lap of course.

Now that the RTF has landed on Earth, in the aftermath of a Level Four Zombie infestation, the first thing that happens is they marshall all ships capable of terrestrial landing into a perimeter wall, protecting the Colonials and the Meatbags

Since Centurions don’t need to eat, or sleep, they are set up as another defense perimeter, and are now tasked with defending Humans, they become the main Anti-Zombie force, gunning down G’s as long as they attempt to eat the Colonials (not sure if Meatbags would be at risk from Zombies, would they see them as food?), the BaseStar starts cranking out Raiders and Centurions in earnest,

Raiders are dispatched for ariel recon of the surrounding area, and Heavy Raiders are loaded up with Centurions, supervised by Galactica officers for Sweep-and Clears in the ruins of the cities

In orbit, Galactica uses her sensor arrays to scan for any native Human lifesigns, or, in fact, any life at all

the Centurions become critically important in the defense of the Colonials and Rebel Meatbags, the inhibitor circuit is removed from all Centurions, and they are given the ability to speak, they are also allowed representation in the Colonial/Cylon society and are treated as equals, shiny equals, but equals all the same

Weeks and Months pass, the Humans and Cylons begin to wonder if there are any Earth Humans left…

JAMIE: I’m really excited about this one. Today we’re testing zombie myths!

[Ten minutes of slow motion shots of zombies being shot by different caliber handguns later…]


Geez, Dirty Jobs might be really horrible.

And Deadliest Catch.

More of a generality than an observation about any particular show, but I think many would go off the air, as zombies need “BRAIIINS” to live, and well
there just are not that many available on current TV…


The clips used by the Daily Show and Colbert wouldn’t look much different.

Andy is a smart fellow with all the answeres so I’m sure he would survive, Barney would be the first to turn zombie and eat Opie’s brains. Of course Barney’s behavior is so irratic anyway, nobody would notice. Andy does get suspicious though, when Aunt B serves roast brains for dinner. Actually, I’m pretty sure the whole town is zombified except Andy.

Tony and his crew would get eaten pretty quickly. Paulie would be the only surviver.

President Santos and his administration are going to have their hands full with this one. The President and his staff would probably get taken to some secret bunker and do their work from there.

Jack Bauer would have to find Chloe and pull another all-nighter. The Zombie Apocalypse would be over within 24 hours.

Or Jack could be bitten dramatically at the end of Hour 23, and the next episode would be a completely gratuitous set of moneyshots as Jack Bauer eats everyone.

ETA: Pushing Daisies would be mildly offensive to the new demographic. Not a lot of demand for Pie, cleavage bouncing around on top of a horse, and the narrator would probably be eaten first.

“Tonight’s Dirty Job: Zombie Cuisine Chef”

How about Undeadwood, anyone?

MacTech 'himself did one along those lines, awhile back. Always liked that one. :cool:

Anyway, I think my only favorite show left that’s still being produced is…Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

::dramatic pause::

Ohhhhh…yeeeeeeah… :smiley:

I think I’ll save speculating on that one myself until after I’ve had a good night’s sleep, but by all means, everyone else please fire at will.

Blackadder V: Zombie Apocalypse

Lord Percy: I was mobbed by a group of zombies on Fleet street today.

Blackadder: How did you manage to get away?

Lord Percy: Thankfully, they tried to eat my brains. For some reason, they seemed to get all confused, and I ran away.

Blackadder: As I always suspected. Percy…

(Baldrick walks in, zombified, holding a brain)

Zombie Baldrick: Braaaaaiiinnnnssss

(Blackadder grabs the brain from zombie Baldrick’s hands, tosses it to a horrified Lord Percy.)

Blackadder: Here you go Percy, see if you can’t make some use out of this.

(Baldrick tries to bite Blackadder)

Blackadder: Stop that Baldrick. My brain is too important to be eaten by the likes of you. Go eat Mrs. Miggins.

(Zombie Baldrick shuffles off. Blackadder turns to see Lord Percy munching on the brain he’s been given.)

Blackadder: Just what the hell are you doing, Percy?

Lord Percy: Mmmm! Not bad at all, Bladders. I can see why everyone is going around eating them!


Radar goes to the filing cabinet to get the zombie invasion contingency plan, filed under S for “Stuff I hope I never have to use.”

Col. Potter tells an anecdote about how they repelled an earlier wave of zombies while he was riding in the cavalry in World War I. He sets everyone to work building a perimeter out of mess tent trays and mystery meat.

Frank runs around hysterically and gets zombified. Margaret borrows Klinger’s shotgun and dispatches him as easily as she did her footlocker.

Hawkeye tries to commiserate with the zombies. It doesn’t work, and they eat his brain. Fortunately, his empathetic nature survives zombification, so he feels that eating his former campmates’ brains would be unethical. He staggers over to the 8063rd and eats their brains instead.

BJ mopes around because zombies remind him of Peg and Erin.

Father Mulcahy flutters around wondering if he should give the last rites to the newly zombified, or wait until their heads get blown off.

Klinger changes into the perfect zombie fighting frock and saves the day, with an important assist from Rosie, who posts a “We No Serve Brains Here” sign and blows the hell out of any zombie who dares to misbehave in her bar.

“…leading to the founding of Americans United Against the Zombie Menace, or NAMBRAAAAAAAAAAAAINS. With more, we go over to our senior zombie correspondent, John Hodgman.”

(Typical Hodgman routine involving zombies- would probably be a lot like the hobo one in his book)