How would you deal with a smelly neighbor? Really smelly!

A problem has recently been brought to my attention. My wife and I own a condo in Phoneix, we rent it out whenever we are not there. Sometimes to corporate folk, sometimes to relatives…it’s furnished and quite nice. My wife just called me and let me know about a problem with our neighbor. We already know she is slightly eccentric, she has five cats, and smokes carlton extra longs all day long (I think thats the name of them). Thats not really that weird right? However, the worse part about the whole situation is we hear she never, ever (or just not in plain sight) brings her garbage out!
She has been there for well over 10 years. We bought the condo in 94 and she was there then. And we noticed it back then, but never said anything…young couple buys condo, both in grad school etc…etc… didn’t want to raise a ripple
So now we are getting reports that it smells in a particular part of the house…to be more specific, when you open the door to go down stairs to the garage, it stinks! Apparently nothing get’s rid of it.
What would you do? I was thinking the best thing would be to write to the association, expressing our concerns that she may be hoarding garbage…cat feces…oh the visuals really get to me.
The problem with writing the assiciation is the units by 3’s and the one on the end is empty as far as we know. (we were actually thinking about buying it but not anymore)

So what would you do if she was living next to you? And what on earth could that smell be…

Rather than the association, maybe you should call Animal Control, and tell them that you suspect her of hoarding cats (if you think she may have more than five in there). I’m not sure what state agency you would call if someone is hoarding garbage - Public Health? But doing that, rather than the condo association, may make her less likely to look to the neighbors for the source of the complaint.

I’ve had smelly neighbors - the people who used to rent the unit below my were really bad neighbors in many ways, up to and including saving dog shit in giant plastic bags to prove they picked up after their mangy dog. This was after two people, including me, reported them for not cleaning up after the dog. I suggest writing a letter to the association, and if they don’t address the problem, contact the health department. She’s going to suspect it’s a neighbor reporting her regardless, so I don’t understand your concern about reporting it to the association.

No concern really. I mean we live 2700 miles away in CT. We’ll most likely just call the association. I have a buddy near there maybe he’ll go check it out.

Napalm. Lots and Lots of Napalm.

I’d write to the homeowners’ association, or ask your tenants to do so. The important thing is that you get it taken care of, and if things are as you suspect, your neighbor’s not going to take care of things on her own, and it will only get worse.

Calling Animal Control would probably work too, but I think writing to the people in charge of the actual complex would be your best bet–they’ve got a more immediate are of concern and would be able to address the complaint more promptly.

*How would you deal with a smelly neighbor?
How would you deal with a smelly neighbor?
How would you deal with a smelly neighbor?
Ear-lie in the morning!

Put her in the scuppers with a hosepipe on her!
Put her in the scuppers with a hosepipe on her!
Put her in the scuppers with a hosepipe on her!
Ear-lie in the morning!*

(Well, somebody had to do it! :smiley: )

I’d suggest contacting the association first. If that does not prove satisfactory, then contact the local Health Department.

In the immortal words of Dr Hibbert: “Fire, and lots of it.”

Seriously, ditto on contacting the condo association. That’s what they’re there for.