How would you respond to someone asking this question

Well I think because I had worked out a little and didn’t had a bath or shower after but I did had a fresh set of clothes and had sprayed some anti body odour spray.

Any special tricks you’ve learnt to hide your sweatiness? I usually wear dark coloured clothes some form of flannel shirt designs which sometimes also work. But as pkbites pointed out later on in the thread I may have some underlying medical condition that causes profuse sweating.

I wouldn’t answer. I would just cruise on by and mutter “asshole” under my breath while shaking my head.

Building inspection. Had to move the bodies.

I wish I did because, as you obviously know, it is a significant pain in the ass. If time and logistics permit I generally like to do things by bike or walking so it is a fairly consistent issue to the extent that if I hope to work (pre-Covid) on my road bike and use the shower when I get in, sometimes the shower “doesn’t take” and I basically hide out with a bunch of paper towel for maybe five or ten minutes until things calm down. Often, in the non-winter months I might have a hand towel in my pannier or knapsack.

I also, as much as possible, am trying not to care as I believe that it isn’t as noticeable as I think and my co-workers know my commuting methods as well.

Layers help - sometimes I’ve arrived at work, after walking in, carrying a jacket and fleece top while wearing a short sleeved golf shirt, gloves and a watch cap.

Sometimes I will bring a change of shirts depending on the circumstances.

“Your mom”

One of my go-to lines, but the last time I used it the recipient started to weep, totally out of the blue. I knew him well enough to toss the line, but not well enough to know his mom had just died a week earlier.

When I was teaching a class I made a reference to someone’s mother and got a similar reaction for a similar reason.

Someone whose mom just died should have better things to do than comment on my bodily secretions, I would think.


So, my mom died 7 or 8 years ago. Shortly after, I had a problem with a vendor at work. I’d made a sizable purchase of a custom product and was promised delivery by a specific date, which was missed, as was the next promised date.

Eventually I was pissed off to the point I wanted to just cancel the order. When I did that, tho owner of the company called me and apologized, explaining that his mother had died a month prior and he was having a rough time dealing with the loss. Having just lost my mother I was understanding and apologized for adding to his grief. I eventually got my order and felt bad for being an asshole about the delay.

A year or so later I ran into the guy at an event, where he introduced me to . . . his mother. Actually, she introduced herself since he was ignoring her standing there. He was embarrassed, I was angry. I haven’t had anything to do with the guy since then.

Since this is a not-so-veiled insult, I would probably reply something like “Superior genetics to you” or “Why are you so ugly?”

Oops…just read “Your Mom”. Vastly superior answer!

I’d say this. Or say “Too personal, Jason.”

If this is indeed a person with limited social skills*, that could be a teachable moment for them.

*assuming they can be taught… and their name is Jason.

When I was teaching, I could work up an underarm sweat. The obvious answer, given by my brother in law was “Wear 2 undershirts”. Worked like a charm.

Of course, nowadays someone could have 2 moms :slight_smile:

I should mention that right now, I’m “someone whose mom just died”, as in it’s just a month now. So I think I have a little leeway with going to the “Your Mom” well. I wonder when that’ll run out?

I make no effort to hide sweatiness. The fear of sweating, from generations of antiperspirant advertising, is the unnatural thing, not the sweating itself.

Mod note: Don’t be such a jerk. Misogynistic response.

“I’m trying to land a plane and I haven’t flown since the war”

I don’t think I’ll ever get over Macho Grande.

Nobody gets over Macho Grande.

You and I share a the same warped sense of humor.

My response would be to drop my head in mock shame and then say, “Oh. I don’t usually talk about it, but I have a rare medical condition that causes my sweat glands to excrete urine. Hug?”