How would you respond to someone asking this question

How would you respond to someone asking why are you sweating like that?

“Why do you ask?”

If it’s my doctor, wife, or child, I’d tell them why I thought I was. If it was very hot or I’d just been exercising, I’d probably tell anyone as well.

If there was no obvious reason, or if the asker thought I was nervous about something, I’d probably not answer or ask a question back, like “why?”

A coworker ask me this question just now while passing by and although I didn’t respond to the question it made me think.

I’d probably say that I’m just a naturally sweaty person (which is true).

Sounds like the co-worker isn’t very socially skilled or sensitive. Your reaction seems safe and certainly more appropriate than their question.

I probably would have slightly shrugged my shoulders and said ‘hmmph’ quietly, then gone about my job.


Wow that was quite a good deduction on your part as he gets quite a lot of complaints against him from the students and teachers (I work in a college) saying he talks very aggressively which he does.
But the management takes his side saying he’s a hard worker which he is.

I do wish I was one of those people who could walk for quite a distance and wouldn’t break a sweat. I knew a guy like that once and although in theory sweating makes your body cooler the lack of sweating really didn’t seem to make him uncomfortable which was interesting.

“Apocrine glands, dumbass.”

Nice one will have remember that one.

Alternately, “Why, was I doing it wrong?” I mean, really, what a rude and pointless question to ask someone.

Indeed man.

“Just lucky I guess.”

It’s the only way that I know how to sweat.

Well then that smart ass might ask "I didn’t ask how I asked why? "


“'Cause of all the ass I just got done kicking.”

If I thought they person was just being rude and intrusive, I’d make up the most embarrassing reason I could think of.

Of course, now I can’t think of any…

This is a really interesting question for me, as I sweat easily and, consequently worry about what it looks like, which then causes more sweat etc etc. Like dope1 I’m not one of those who doesn’t sweat.