How you can tell it is autumn in LA

Driving home toinght I saw a sure sign that fall has fallen, and autumn is upon us here in LA
While waiting for a light, I saw a couple of teen age girls waiting to cross the street.
So how do I know that it is now autumn? By the way they were dressed of course.

Hoodies (hood up) half zipped over a tee shirt.
Yup sounds like autumn

Fur topped boots.
Yup sounds like autumn

Short shorts
:confused: :eek:

It was about 72F BTW. :smiley:

Sounds like the temperature is getting down to a tolerable level.

It’s amazed me how no one out here realizes how stupid they look in Ugg’s and a short skirt.

The smog is starting to turn yellow and orange?

It’s a bit cooler up here than in LA at the moment, but still early fall. Saw a girl on her way to high school last Monday, wearing a winter jacket with the hood up and the fur trim showing all around the edges, over shorts and running shoes without socks. :dubious:

There are no Dodger scores in the paper. ’

Nah, that’s just LA showing off her Halloween colors.

You can tell it’s autumn in LA because people fight over who gets to sit closer to the heat lamp on the restaurant’s balcony. It is, after all, a chilly 65 degrees in the evening.


Also, I know because I can occasionally sleep nights without having the window open with a fan in it. And I have a sudden yearning to visit my mother-in-law in the San Bernardino Mountains.

…All of the east coast transplants start complaining again about how there’s no autumn here.

It happens every year. It’s as predictable as…well…dang! I wish that we had something predictable here. You know, like leaves falling or something.

Something predictable here? You mean, like all of us getting freaked out by a half-inch of rain?

You mean, like clear skies in Pasadena on January 1?

You mean, like fool drivers on the 405? Or the 5? Or the 10? Or… ?

Like… (fill in the blank).

It’s autumn here when we turn the clocks back.

That’s how you know it playoff time in baseball. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can run a fire in the fireplace without having to have the window open to cool things off. Also, I get the beer garden at the Red Lion all to myself after 5pm on Sunday. Weird.

I do like the rain–it’s refreshing–but I don’t understand why everybody else gets freaked out about it.


Love that place.

When it’s fall in LA

The transvestites change to mid thigh skirts

All the summer botoxing is wearing off and the fall wrinkles are just settling back in

The spectral figure of the crying unemployed actor/singer/waiter can just be seen in the shadows of the big, orange autumn moon

The big Harvest Rat makes his annual pilgrimage to San Julian Street

Pumpkin Spice Latte on sale at Starbucks

They wern’t Ugg’s. They were some kind of fashion boot