How you met your mate

My mom met my stepfather in a bar. She was there with a platonic male friend of hers, and spotted him from across the room. Her friend caught her looking and said, “Oh, stay away from him. He’s bad news.” My mother turned to her friend and jokingly said, “I think I’ll marry him.” My stepfather later saw my mom looking, came over, introduced himself, got on one knee, and kissed her hand. Mind you, the guy is a big beefy muscle-bound tattooed Harley-riding sumbitch, so this was quite out of character.

They’ve been together for nearly 18 years now, and married for ten.

Anyone else have any cool stories about how they met their mate or significant other? They seem to abound in my family. I’m getting my aunt in here to post hers, because it’s even funnier.

Sounds normal. It’s those platonic friends I wonder about. How do you …platonic…together?

I met Carl while sacrificing a virgin.

(At Rocky, of course!)

We were sacrificing one of my virgin friends, and he started flirting with me. Then, my friends and I got kicked out for lack of ID. He followed us out, telling us to come back after the show for breakfast. He and I spent several hours at Biba’s One’s A Meal and then at Herman Park discussing why I should break up with my boyfriend! I did, too. Carl and I have been together for 1 year and almost 2 months, and we are getting married as soon as I graduate.


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He used to be my brother-in-law. We didn’t break up with our spouses to be together, though. We got together afterward. 15 years altogether, 3 married.

My parents met in a bar. Dad was 30, Mom was 19. They got married in a chapel in Las Vegas.

Next April, it’ll be 30 years.

My husband was my pot dealer.
Well, just once. My platonic friend Kevin introduced us as a way to try to lure me away from the piece of tripe I was dating. What a good idea, he thought. And I’ll get my buddy laid, too.
So I went over, tripe in tow, and bought a bag. The next night I showed up again (this time sans tripe). We have been together almost five years now.
BTW, we decided we were too old to be smoking dope not much later. We don’t wanna embarass the kids.

Heather was sick of the guys in Michigan. She was searching AOL personals, and expanded her search to the whole damn country with :“long hair” as her only criteria.

I placed an ad because I was looking for fun after getting out of marriage.

I got a great e-mail from her that said, “Wow! You are perfect! I wish we lived closer. Hell, I may have to move!”

So I went to her website (it’s infamous by now) and saw her. Almost all of her. I was immediately… VERY excited at the possibilities of having someone like her thnking I was somehow “perfect.” I mean, my picture was there and everything!

I replied to her e-mail, as smoothly as I could, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!”

The rest, as they say, is history!

Yer pal,

I met my boyfriend six months ago in a bar. We were both really drunk and I brought him home, which was not a normal thing for either of us. We shacked up two months ago and last Saturday, he proposed. We both new instantly (even as drunk as we were) that it was love at first sight. AAAAHHHHH.

I was in the office on a Saturday - July 1, 1995, to be precise. As I was leaving, the building break-in alarm was going off. I was the building manager at the time, and was sure it was just another false alarm - it happened a lot. I re-set the alarm. I work for a park & planning agency with its own park police force; a couple cruisers pulled up front as I headed for the door. The sergeant in charge came up to me - I told him it was a false alarm. He gestured toward my left leg and said “I like your tattoo” then pulled up his trouser leg and showed me his. We talked about tattoos for a few minutes, then he asked me to meet up with him for coffee. I did. We’ve been living together for 3 years.

I asked him out. I was in my last semester of college/film school, and he was taking the same acting class as I was, post-art-school-graduation. I noticed him when he did an impression of a West Virginian for his one-minute monologue, then he offered to assist with my film at a time when I was ready to chew glass, then we did a dialogue together. Then I realized that I would be the fool of all time if I let this one get away, so I asked him to go to opening day at Three Rivers Stadium with me. What I didn’t realize was that his two best friends were within earshot when I asked him, and he got untold hell from them for hours. He hadn’t dated since high school, and his friends were wolves.

“Lightning Strikes” is one of our songs (we have several) because Lou Christie sang the national anthem at the game, and performed that song (his one hit, AFAIK, during the seventh-inning stretch. Also, I had a near-miss. This one guy, handsome, brooding and taciturn, had been the object of my wistfulness for most of the year before. We had a friend in common, but that didn’t do me any good. When I was waiting for Mr. Rilch in front of the school, this guy chose THAT MOMENT to stop and engage me in conversation. I was petrified that Mr. Rilch would see me talking to Mr. America and think I was playing him, but he left seconds before Mr. Rilch showed up. Then I was so nervous I think I smoked half a pack during batting practice.

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In 1988, we were in the same training class at the old headquarters for Red Roof Inns in Columbus, OH - for indoctrination. The very first class was something about about customer service. The instructor asked the question, “What do guests ask you most frequently?” Since it was the first class, everyone was kind of shy about speaking. So I spoke up, “Where’s the nearest liquor store?” Everyone’s face went pale, including the instructor! Finally, the instructor broke the silence and said, “Yes, what else?” It was the icebreaker everyone needed. Everyone in that training class from that first afternoon came to my hotel room to party! We were there for 4 weeks.

I was actually attracted to another girl in the class but Sweet P was the first one to spend the night. We were married on Friday the 13th of September 1991 and have been lovin` every minute of it!!

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One of my best friends, Steve, was notorious for playing relationship based practical jokes on people. He told me “hey, I hear Alison likes you.” He then told her “hey, I hear Jeremy likes you.” I decided to take a chance, and we’ve been happpily together ever since (6 years in December). And Steve has been banging his head against the wall, as his little plan backfired on him. Hehehe.


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I just usually kick my mens ass into submission. :slight_smile:

I met my ex when I was 16 years old. Me and my best girlfriend was out cruising the 'vard when we pulled next to him and his friend. She rev’s the engine of her big old truck, he rev’s the engine of his big old truck, and as soon as the light changed, we kicked their ass in a drag race. The next light, BAM! We did it again. Next light, BAM! Next light, BAM!

We pulled over and talked to them for a little while, my ex got her phone number and his friend got mine. We sorta double dated for a few weeks and then my ex moved away for a year and a half.

He called my friend when he came back to town and invited us to a party (I had long dumped his friend). At the party, she hooked up with someone else, and me and her old boyfriend hit it off really well. We married 7 months later and then divorced 10 years after that.

I should have let her keep him. :wink:

The guy I am currently seeing is someone I met at a bar. I NEVER date guys I meet at bar, but this particular guy I made the exception.

Me and my best friend (same girl) stopped at a club for a drink and to talk about a certain situation that I was going through (karate instructor/married man/C#3 favorite excuse to spank me). We kept getting hit on by guys and really didn’t get to talk much so we changed bars two more times (why do all men assume that YOU are there to meet THEM?) and finally went to a small pub to play pool.
The two of us were off at a pool table in the corner when two GORGEOUS guys challenge us to a game.

We kicked their asses 6 times in a row! (believe me, they were trying) What can I say? We rule the pool tables.

I needed my hot tub rewired and the guy said that he knew how to do it (insert the thread THE GAME, here – ), so I gave him my number. He rewired my tub and did some plumbing work as well :wink:

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I met my husband a couple of years before I actually met him. I was out at 2001 in Myrtle Beach, SC. with bunch of friends and my sister. We were sitting at a table drinking and this really extremely drunk man walks up and asked me to dance. He was so drunk he had one eye closed. I laughed and told him no. He persisted until I finally reached over and kissed my sister on the mouth and told him I was gay and to please leave me alone. About two years later I was dating this man and he introduced me to his friend, I immediatley got bad vibes like we had met before and he didn’t like me for some reason. To make a long story shrort. We became really great friends and when I quit seing his friend we got together. About six months into the relationship it dawned on me that he was that drunk guy that I told I was gay. I asked him and he said yes that was me…he had known all along and every time I asked him if we had met before he would say no. That was almost ten years ago…and we are still together.

I met my wife on IRC, #marijuana on Newnet to be exact. We’ve been living together for 2 years and married almost a year.

I was in college, and had recently been dumped from a three-year relationship. All of the dates I had been on sucked.

A friend and I had to drive out to pick up some t-shirts for an annual event at the college, “May Day,” an interfraternity athletic competition. He brought his girlfriend along. When we got to the town we were going to, she asked if we could stop and see her friend. We went to the house, and there was nobody home, so she left a note.

We decided to stop by the local mall and get something to eat before heading back to campus. We were sitting in the food court, and up comes the friend whose house we had stopped at. She sat down and talked for a while, then had to leave.

Afterwards, I told my friend’s girlfriend that her friend was really cute, and asked her to set us up. I ended up driving out there again the next weekend for our first date, then she came back to campus and stayed the weekend for the May Day event.

We were dating regularly after that, and were married 2 years later.

I was going out, and I use that term loosely, with Steve.(Not hubby!) Nice guy in a “I’m gonna be a physcopath or porn addict one day” kinda way. The type of guy that will work 30 years at the same job and no one really remembers his face or name.

Steve kept on coming into the video store where I worked to talk to me and I figured if he asked me out, then it would be One date only and then I would tell him that, well, I didn’t feel lightening strike and he wouldn’t come in so often. I also knew that I would not meet anyone sitting at home watching TV/movies all the time and it was time to take a chance again. ( I’d broken up with someone a few months earlier.)

He asked me out and I figured that it would be the usual dinner and movie rigamarole. Nope. Drags me to the one thing that I would probably poke out my eyes to avoid seeing: Men’s Church League Softball.( Translation: outta shape men who take sports way too seriously.)

Walking up the slight hill to the playing area, I spied this really cute chubby guy in a blue uniform. I swear on my soul that when I saw him I felt a tingle run up and down my body. I was wearing a light blue, short sun dress and had long hair and I had just gotten back from California and had a great tan. I couldn’t take my eyes off Chubby Boy. (Actually, it was two chubby boys standing there that looked remarkably similar. It was hubby and his best friend.)

The entire game Hubby and his chubby friend were in the outfield wondering what in the hell Steve was doing dating a girl like me.
( I later learned he dated only…um…skanky, big haired, high maintenance girls and I definately didn’t fit that mold.) The group went out to a bar and I spent the entire time trying to get to know Chubby Boy. I don’t remember much after that, I impressed the hell out of him by getting drunk and yelling out Steve’s car window, " Hey, anybody for free sex." Chubby boy/Hubby dove right through the window. I deny this line to this day, but I remember saying it.(Shhh…)

A couple of really uncomfortable dates later with Steve, we went our seperate ways. (He was four hours late to pick me up for a party, so that ended that.) and about (it’s hazy now)a month later, after sitting around moping and wondering if Chubby Boy even remembered my name, I get this phone call inviting me over to his house to watch the 1988 summer olympics (Seoul, September)and I run right over. His house was loaded with (Warning:Will Robinson! Warning!) Germans visiting and I should have hightailed it then, but I didn’t and we’ve been together since.

Dated from 88-91. Married in 1993. Probably would have married sooner, but his parents had their accident in May of 1991, so that threw us off schedule for well over a year. He’s well worth the wait.

And he grumbles that the " Anybody for free sex" was false advertisement. Heh.

In grad school I realized that there were lots of smart women heading to the medical library. So, I sat myself down at a table that anyone going to the periodicals section had to pass and started smiling at the “cute” ones (my definition, my bias, my business). Took me three weeks to meet Ms. Eissclam. Dated 2 years, married 5, first kid in about 14 days.


My wife and I met in high school. I was a senior and sat first chair trombone in the band, which meant I had the end seat on the far right hand of the band, in the last row.
My wife-to-be was a freshman, and was the “phenom” flute player, being the only kid in recent memory to make the top band on audition her freshman year. She sat 1st chair flute, which meant she had the end chair in the first row on the opposite side of the band. When either of us looked up over our music stands across the space where our silly little band director waved his arms, our eyes would invariably meet.

I don’t want to say it was love at first sight. By objective standards, my dearest wouldn’t be the kind of girl to attract attention. She seemed to go out of her way to NOT look attractive; baggy, out-of-style clothes, a pixie-short hair cut that was also very out of place for the era, big ol’ goofy glasses. She was very intense about music and her studies, which tended to intimidate others. But there was something in my heart that cried out “she’s the one.”

But I was bashful. Even though I was a “class clown” type, I couldn’t get the courage to ask her out. As the school year went on, I had confided in some of my buddies the crush I had on her. Like a bad movie script, they leaked the news, and soon I had to confront her and talk about it. It turned out she had a crush on me too, but was too bashful to do anything about it.

Our first date was my senior prom. We stuck it out, while I finished college. As she started college (at a different school, but in the same state), she decided to “play the field,” thinking that because I was the only guy she had ever dated, she wanted to “be sure.” I was devastated. We did not speak to each other for a year and a half. But because we attended the same church in our hometown, we saw each other occasionally when she was home on break. We eventually wound up being seated together at the reception for a mutual friend’s wedding, and discovered our “break up” had been a mistake.

We started dating again, and upon her completion of her undergraduate degree, we were married. We had dated, on and off, for 7 years. We’ve now been married for 15 years.

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October of 1986 (when I was 23) I was dating a guy named Mark. Mark was an immature little shit of 21 - just my type in those days. About a week before Halloween I met up an old high school acquaintence (Mike) in the Rideau Centre transitway. Mike invited me to a halloween party he was having that Saturday but since I had plans to spend that evening with Mark and replied that I propably couldn’t make it but thanks anyway.

Saturday around 6:00ish I still hadn’t heard from Mark and decided “screw it” I’m going to the party and show him. Besides, I’d had a huge crush on Mike for the whole four years of high school. Arrived at the party 7:00ish with my BYOB of choice (Rye and Ginder)sure that Mark was calling my house desperate to know where I was.

11:00pm Nick arrives. His friend had convinced him go to Mike’s party since it looked like his (Nick’s) date was standing him up.

We met there. Both having been stood up and deciding at the last minute to attend the party. Nick drove me home from the party and we exchanged phone numbers. Two days later he called and we started dating.

I remember asking my mother when I was 15 or so “how do you know when he’s the one?”. She said: “You just do”.

Eight months after that party we moved in together. One year after that we married. Been married 12 years this past September and celebrated 14 years together on Halloween. He’s my best friend and never out of my thoughts.