Where did you meet your partner or SO and things like this?

Well I was just curious to know how people here met their partner or husband or SO and I would also like to know if there are any funny stories and who asked who to go out in a relationship also with them. And is it the case that you got married or have done other things together in a certain place?

Back when there were newspapers, my wife and I met through personal ads; I ignored hers, she answered mine. I only placed mine to get a friend off my back. Married 21 years, dated a year and a half.

In that order?

I noticed that two girls had moved into an apartment across the street. A week or two later, when I cam home from work, i saw one of them sitting in her car. There was an enormous amount of blue smoke pouring out from underneath. I knocked on her window and told her to shut it off. I asked her what had happened. She told me that she had wanted to take care of her car on her own and knew she needed to change her oil. She called her dad for instructions and asked how n=much oil she needed. He told her four quarts, five with a filter. She misunderstood and just added five quarts to her car without draining any out… I Got some tools and drained her oil, changed the filter and added new oil. When I was done I took her out for tacos. (As it turned out, she had never eaten Mexican food or anything else spicy)

This was May 19th, 1972. We were married three years later, and are still a very happy couple.

When you’re married, every day is like dating a year and a half. :confused:


We were introduced by a mutual friend of ours, with whom she had gone to high school. When we first met, I was a freshman in college, and she was a junior in college. We talked for a few hours, but I was dating someone else, as was she (and she was going to a different school, in a different state).

After that first meeting, we didn’t see each other again for 5 1/2 years. But, on that second meeting, we hit it off immediately.

When you’re married, every day is like a fucking eternity.

I was in the grocery store and had corn in my cart. This nice looking lady had some lima beans in her cart. When we crashed into each other… Succotash!

(apologies to Redd Foxx).

At the Sonic. He was playing music really loudly. I told on him. The manager came out and chewed him out. He gave me a dirty look and left. I was drinking a milkshake and lo and behold he came around and parked next to me. He apologized, I didn’t. The rest is history.

I was at a librarian party, standing by the keg. I had become convinced that I’d never meet anyone who’d stick with me more than a few months, if that. A woman with an infectious laugh and a nice big butt approached me. When she found out I had a motorcycle, she asked for a ride. That was 23 years ago last Sunday, and we’ve been together since (married for more than 22 years).

Met him in an IRC international chat room in the late 90s. He was in Melbourne, I was in California. Neither of us were looking, but we enjoyed each other’s senses of humor.

After talking for a few months online and phone, he said he’d always wanted to see the California coast. I suggested he stay at my home as a guest and I offered to play tour guide. Figured he’d be another online pal I met face to face.

When he got off the plane, he dropped an arm around my shoulders and I felt like I’d come home. We spent the next 2-some years figuring out how to get on the same continent while we carried on the ultimate LDR. Finally managed it in 2002.

Sadly, he died in 2007. Much too young and much too soon. But I am grateful forever that he was in my life and for the time we had together.

My buddy’s girlfriend’s cousin came up from Florida to visit her family in Michigan back in the late 90s. We hung out, flirted a little, had a good time. She went off to college, I finished up college, life went on in separate states. Fast forward about 7 years, my buddy and his girlfriend finally got married. Both me and the cousin were in the wedding party. We re-connected, started long-distance dating, and two years later we were married. Been together 13 years, married 11, this summer. What’s nice (aside from being married to my best friend), is that my buddy and I are essentially family now, getting to hang out at holidays, family functions, parties, weddings, funerals, etc. Often when you get married, you drift away from old friends; with me and him, it was the opposite.

Stole him from one of my girlfriends.

Well, not really. I met him when he was living with my friend. They broke up, three years later we finally decided it had been long enough and we went out.

I was standing at the end of the bar when I saw her sitting, chatting with Mike, a guy I knew. When he walked away to the men’s, I swooped in and said hi. I told her I thought it was really nice that she’d been talking with Mike, since he’d done his time and all.

When Mike returned from the men’s, I asked him if he missed the prison and he laughed and shook his head no (he had just quit a job doing some kind of counseling of prisoners). I bought her a drink and we spent hours talking. It turns out we were neighbors, and had each driven to be away from where we lived. This was her first night out since her husband had moved out.

Things evolved rapidly. I helped her file for divorce and she helped me sell my house. We’ve lived happily ever after.

We were both in the Navy, stationed at NAS Jacksonville, FL. I decided to take sailing lessons, and he was the instructor.

There were 6 in the class. We had several evening classroom sessions learning terminology, laws, safety, how to handle the sails and the lines, and one sunny Saturday, we had our first day on the water.

He and I went out to dinner that night. And the next night. And the day after that, he told me (not asked me) that I would marry him. Four weeks after our first date, we eloped. It’ll be 35 years in December.

No interesting story here. Match.com, 11 years ago (or was it 12?). Married almost 7. Two kids.

I met my late boyfriend, on Okcupid.com. He was the first man to show me what real love was and to remind me that I was worthy to be loved. After he died I vowed that I would never again settle for anyone who didn’t value me just the way I am. A little more than a year after we met he passed away suddenly.

About a year later, I met my husband also on Okcupid.com. I can still remember our first date with him literally buzzing with nervousness and me so shy that I could barely look at him. We dated for about 3 years and have been married for two. :purple_heart:

We met at a nude resort in Jamaica. We were both seeing other people at the time, but we became friends (naked people are very friendly). We saw each other every year at the resort. Several years later, we both showed up at the resort single, and sparks flew. We’ve been together fourteen years now.

Met in 11th grade, back in 1973, our first date was the homecoming dance that year. Everything after that has been very interesting.

I’d been new to the school system and she sat behind me in US History. She came to class one day with her homework typed out. I asked her if she did anything besides study; she said “I go out of I’m asked.”

That put my 15 year old brain into freeze mode for a while but it eventually got functional enough to ask her out.

Maybe a cliche. A friend of my mother’s suggested I look up her young cousin. I did and we were married 6 1/2 months later. We will celebrate our 55th in March.