How did you meet your significant other?

I met my husband, Dan, at a juggling convention, in an acrobatics workshop. We went to lunch with a group after the workshop, and then I was tired and wanted to take a nap, but was complaining that the youth hostel I was staying at didn’t have air conditioning. Dan said he had an extra bed in his hotel room, and so we went back there. Actually took a nap, then ended up talking for a while and went to a show (part of the convention) together. Then he offered to let me use the other bed in his room that night, too, if I wanted. We ended up talking until about 5am and I honestly think I was halfway to being in love with him by that time. We hung out for the rest of the festival and then stayed in touch by phone and email afterward (we lived in different states). Eventually after visiting each other bunches of times I moved to Atlanta to be with him. I made a video about it to show at the wedding:

So how did you and your SO meet?

In orientation class when we both joined the Foreign Service. They were doing a diversity exercise, asking how many people were from east of the Missippi, west of same, from the south, and then from Alaska/Hawaii. I was the only hand to go up for the latter, and she decided to talk to me about it. She was immediately smitten, of course.

Pre-internet, Commodore-based BBS.

Internet. In 1995, though! We were both on this MUD-like “talker” thing, and hit it off pretty quickly. He was a grad student in Indiana at the time, and I was an undergrad in Chicago, so it was easy enough to arrange a meet-up.

I lied to my mom about where I met him for years, because I didn’t want her to think he was an axe murderer. (Ironically, my mom met her current boyfriend on Go figure.)

I was in the Navy and I’d just returned to my home base of Jacksonville, FL after a 6-month deployment to Sicily. I had decided to take sailing lessons because I wanted to learn to sail, and I wanted to meet people. He was the instructor. After our first day on the water, we went out for the first time. Four weeks later, we eloped. We hit our 27th anniversary last December.

Internet, originally in the late 90’s video-game message board.

Hey, what year was it? Because I like to to tell people my husband and I were the first people to ever meet via computer -college based board 1987- though I know there are people far geekier than us at far techier colleges that must have managed it much earlier.

Back then it counted as a meet cute.

Spring, 1985. Married the next year. We were active on roughly 10 BBS boards and most of the people at our wedding were ones we had met “on the boards.”

AOL in 1996. He sent me a IM because he thought my profile sounded interesting. I answered it only because I’d just gotten back from a party and I was tipsy–normally I just ignored random IMs from guys. We were FWB for a while back then, kept in touch for years afterwards, and when I went through a rather nasty breakup, he offered me a place to stay while my ex moved out. I pretty much never left after that. We moved in together officially 9 months later and got married a year after that.

I was in the pub for my birthday in 2009, and my former assistant came down to wish me a happy birthday. With her was her new roommate. Our eyes met, and I now know we both felt the same way about each other, instantly… and she then spent nearly a year waiting for me to ask her out.

I was working as a software instructor at CompUSA, splitting my time between two local stores.

He worked for a company that provided merchandisers to stores. He was a manager, but the company required him to service a couple of stores as well, so he understood the challenges his workers faced.

The training receptionist, whose desk sort of stradled the training area and the store area, pointed him out to me one day. I thought he was too cute for me. I dismissed the possibility.

At some point, evidently without cajoling, he struck up a conversation with me in the break room. He’d seen me at both locations, was curious what the deal was.

He told me he knew his way around town really well and that he could devise for me a quicker back-way route to get to the store that was further from my home. I was pretty content with the way I knew, but I let him think on it and report back to me several times, opening the door for more conversation. He admitted later that he didn’t know a better way either, but used it as an angle to chat with me more too.

I still think he’s too cute for me.

She sat behind me in 11th grade US history class. I was the new kid in the school system, having moved into the area only weeks before. She said ‘hi’.

A few days later, she came in with her homework all typed up. I asked her if she did anything besides study. She said “I go out if I’m asked”. So after screwing up my courage, I asked her to Homecoming. She said yes.

That was in 1973.

I was playing a gig with my band at a college bar. I sat at a table with some people I knew between sets. My wife, who’d I’d heard about from others but didn’t know yet, told me I had stage presence. I got her number and called her later. Not much of a story. We were just really compatible really quickly. I think that gig was in the fall of 1989.

My wife and I were participants in the first Oregon State University System study abroad program to the People’s Republic of China, in 1984. We went to different uinversities, so hadn’t met before we got to China. Neither of us remembers exactly how we met; we were in a group of 15 students from Oregon mixed in with several larger groups from other states. Ni hao, baby!

We were introduced by a mutual friend on a Buffy board. That would have been Spring 2002. We flirted shamelessly on-line, then switched to phone ($400 phone bills!), then she flew out to meet me Fall of 2002. We were already in love by that time. Engaged the next year, married the year after that.

In high School at an away basketball game. I was a photographer for the school paper and I had finished all my rolls and was watching the game in a bleacher row right in front of her. I then starteed taking pics of the rent a cop and having him pose in various postures while I snapped away. After that she asked me why I wanted so many pictures of the cop and I told her I was just messing with him as I had run out of film. We rode the pep bus home together and have been together ever since. She was 16 and I was 17, today we are 57 and 58.

Met him at my workplace, aka the Grocery Hellhole aka Kroger.

It’s one of those cases where we have the same general circle of friends, growing up in the same city and all, but not exactly direct as he is a little younger than me. Went to the same schools, friends of friends and whatnot, just not on each others’ radars until I moved back to my hometown and started working at the local grocery and hanging out with my old friends. He worked in the back corner stocking dairy all day so I wasn’t able to talk to him often as I’m a cashier and stuck in the front my entire shift. Just the occasional hello on my way to punch in or a conversation during our breaks.
About once a month my friend would host a game night for us cool kid employees and I would always encourage him to come hang with the rest of us.

I had no clue that he had a crush on me. I’m tend to remain oblivious to things like that or brush rumors off my shoulder as not to stir up any more drama in a place that already thrives on gossip. Plus it turned out that one of the grocery guys had actually claimed “dibs” on me (without my knowledge or approval. The grocery guy had Nice Guy Syndrome and I had no plans of having anything more than a friendship with him) so my boyfriend was at a conundrum: disobey the large, burly grocery friend and go after the girl or sit silent, complacent, and always wonder what could’ve happened?
He decided to disobey the “dibs” that had been placed upon me and go for it. And it’s worked out rather well! :slight_smile:

We were introduced by a mutual acquaintance in our first week at university, hit it off fairly well and were sort of casual friends for the next couple of years. Then my relationship broke up and I started spending a lot more time hanging out with people from my course instead of rushing off home all the time (I was young and foolish. I try not to regret it because I really regret it - all the stuff I missed out on those first two years at uni! Anyway…). We became better and better friends, then realised it was love. So we met in 1997, but didn’t get together until 2000.

Blind date - 1961.

Also blind date, 1963. My mother and a friend were sitting around a swimming pool and my mother mentioned that I was visiting from NYC, where I was living and friend mentioned that her niece was visiting her from Greenwich, CT. So I called and we arranged a date around the beginning of September. We got married six months later (on what is now called Pi-day). When we really bonded was the weekend of Nov. 22, 1963.